7 Dry Skin Remedies For Alleviating Chronic Dry Skin!

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7 Dry Skin Remedies For Alleviating Chronic Dry Skin!

Article by Karen Graham

Have you ever sat scratching your skin because it is so itchy even to the point where it starts to bleed and wishing that you had the best dry skin remedies at hand. On the other hand have you ever been in a position whereby you can’t scratch so you squirm around in that all important meeting hoping nobody notices you.

Not very pleasant is it? Well when you have finished reading this article you will be armed with tips that will help alleviate your dry skin condition.

Below is a list of points that could be causing you that itching discomfort: Some of these you might think that you can get away with doing – but if you want your skin to be the best it can then I’m sorry but you can’t.

1. One of the number one culprits is too much sun as this saps the moisture out of your skin; as well as being a major factor in skin cancer. Follow the advice of keeping out of the sun during peak hours.

1. You might not realize but being outside is automatically drying to the skin especially when it is very cold and windy. It is therefore important to ensure that you use a good, safe moisturizer everyday.

1. When you go home and turn on the central heating or the air conditioning be aware that these are also very damaging as they dry out the fluid in your skin. So once again it is important to moisturize daily.

1. Although you might think that because you are drinking that your skin is not being affected please be aware that this is not the case with some of the drinks you drink. The worst culprit for this is alcohol as it is a strong diuretic.

1. I’m sure that everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. This fact becomes very obvious by the state of your skin. You only need to look at the fingers of a smoker to see the horrible yellow hue. It also ages your skin prematurely, gives you bad breath and makes you lose the healthy glow that is apparent in people who don’t smoke.

1. How much do you long for a nice hot relaxing bath? After a hard day at work there is nothing more calming – however, you don’t want your water too hot as this again is another cause of dry skin.

1. Most of the soap you buy over the counter is drying for your skin so stick to handmade herbal soaps as these contain the natural glycerine that will not dry your skin out.

Finally remember that investing in moisturizing your skin is worth the time, effort and cost. Only use products that come with 100% safety and efficiency guarantee and that are made from high percentages of bio active ingredients that have the ability to feed, nourish and retain the skin’s moisture for years to come.

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