Advantage for fleas on my kitten?

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Question by airheadbaby424: Advantage for fleas on my kitten?
Okay, all three of my cats have fleas. We just got our kitten fixed, and they gave us Advantage to put on her. They say that it’s really safe, and that it doesn’t go into her skin, but I still don’t know. We’ve tried other herbal remedies, but those haven’t worked. I really don’t want to put the poison on her, but they say it’s safe. What should I do?

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Answer by Law L
Use it.

It’s NOT poison, otherwise vets wouldn’t be recommending it.

And herbal remedies don’t work. Hence why there’s products like Advantage and Frontline.

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9 Responses to “Advantage for fleas on my kitten?”
  1. Ski C says:

    Its not going to matter unless you treat your home too. See you can use what ever but until the fleas in the house are gone your cat is going to keep getting reinfected -ski- plus I think you already have made up your mind ( POISON) Weather you realize it or not fleas travel in carpets, bed sheets and on hairy people , so once you treat your pet they are going to start looking for another food source . My friend that will most likely be you. Sorry for the bad news!!!!

  2. Anna C says:

    I would put the advantage on the kitten as the vet recommended.

    Fleas can cause lots of health problems and discomfort.

    A dose of flea meds isn’t that bad.

  3. adropofamber says:

    Go with the Advantage,,,,,but a small dose….I have used it on numerous cats…the fleas can be deadly themselves….do not use any pet products from a discount store like Dollar Store…have lost cats to that…..also a good wash with Dawn dish soap will help, then wait a day or so to apply the Advantage,,,that will work for all 3……there are also safe sprays for their bedding area to keep them from getting re-infested.

  4. Bird says:

    well… if you let the fleas stay on your animal, she can end up with worms.

    and you’re right– it is a poison. i hate when people are so naive that they say boneheaded things like “if a vet recommends it then it’s safe”. doctors recommend chemotherapy to treat cancer but that doesn’t mean it’s not poisonous to the human. you need to decide between the lesser of the two evils.

    i personally think the risk of worms and harmful bacteria that fleas can bring is worse than the exposure to these toxins at relatively low levels. remember, fleas helped spread the bubonic plague.

    fleas can also be drowned in water but i doubt your cat would want to submerged up to it’s neck for the time required and they’ll crawl to her head anyway.

  5. Alissha says:

    Advantage is very safe when used correctly. Herbal remedies do not work and may actually be dangerous depending on what you are using. Fleas are extremely uncomfortable and can lead to other health problems like worms and anemia. You need to treat your cats with a vet approved medication to get rid of the fleas.

    If you are uncomfortable with an insecticide like Advantage there are other products that you can use. Capstar will kill fleas quickly and is not an insecticide. You can then begin a flea control regime that will prevent flea infestations in the first place. My favourite choice is Program. Program is an insect development inhibitor. So, it prevents eggs and larvae from developing normally and therefor prevent flea infestations.

    Please treat your cats with a flea control product like your vet has recommended. They will be much happier, and healthier, once the fleas are gone.

  6. B R says:

    yes use the advantage immediately as the doctor recommended it will get ride of the fleas in time and bathe them regularly but use it fast unless you wont fleas all over your place .

  7. CatLover315 says:

    I’ve used Advantage on all 4 of my cats several times and nothing bad has happened. I don’t see it as poison, I see it as medicine because it makes them better by getting rid of the fleas. I don’t know how old your kittens are, but it’s best to treat them ASAP or they could get really sick. I hope you decide soon. You and your kittens will be much happier when you’re FLEA FREE!! : ) Good Luck!

  8. jenny2tone says:

    Well if your vet said it was ok. I guess it’s ok. but I use dish soap on kittens. It get rid of them and then your not “poisoning” your animal. Just make sure to use mild like Ivory.

  9. J C says:

    Advantage is no different than any other medication, in that you need to weigh the risks of using it with the risks of NOT using it. Fleas can really cause health issues with both cats and kittens. They can cause flea anemia (which can be fatal in little kittens), tapeworm, flea bite dermatitis, and of course there is the discomfort that constant itching must cause. Advantage is a fairly safe product, and has been in use long enough to have real statistics on it’s safety. It surely is worth using, as it’s potential risks pale next to the real problems that fleas will bring.

    Get Advantage for your other cats as well, or there is no point in treating the kitten.

    There is actually more of a risk to your cat to using herbal remedies. Cats do not metabolize drugs/herbs the same way that people and dogs do. Many compounds that are perfectly safe for dogs can be lethal to cats. “Natural” does not necessarily mean “safe”. All herbs are drugs, and potential poisons as well. As you have seen, the herbal remedies do not work, and again, they are risking your cats’ health. For example: pyrethrins. All natural, an extract of certain flowers, and perfectly safe for dogs, but it can cause seizuers and death in cats.

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