Angular Cheilitis Remedy – Treat Angular Cheilitis Quickly

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Angular Cheilitis Remedy – Treat Angular Cheilitis Quickly

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Angular Cheilitis Remedy

What would be the most effective Angular Cheilitis remedy? In order to find out, we’ll need to look at a few facts. First, contrary to popular belief, this affliction has nothing to do with cold or flu symptoms. Often this misconception arises from the fact that outbreaks tend to flare up during a cold spell in autumn, or during the cold winter months.

Another fact is that antibiotics cannot eliminate this problem. This, as anyone who understands why an absolute cure for the common cold doesn’t exist can tell you, is largely due to the ever evolving adaptability of bacteria. Trying to completely eliminate bacteria with antibiotics as a stand-alone treatment is like trying to completely destroy a population of a hundred thousand rapidly multiplying chameleons from a field of multi-colored confetti. Many will survive unscathed, and rapidly re-multiply to aggressively repossess the area. It just can’t be done, plain and simple, and that’s just how bacteria works. Hydro cortisone products also fail miserably at this for the most part, so the search for a workable Angular Cheilitis remedy needs to look elsewhere. Angular Cheilitis Remedy

Now, in order to really find the best Angular Cheilitis remedy, we need to understand what makes this condition occur. The main culprit is fungal bacteria, and what makes this have a foothold on our faces are basically these two major factors; wrinkles, creases or folds at the corners of our mouths, and the moisture which is naturally present in these areas. These creases can be formed due to misaligned teeth or dentures causing our mouths to close in such a way as to create these folds, or perhaps we have become overweight, or we may have acquired these wrinkles along with old age.

Moisture however, is the number one factor, as it acts as the catalyst that allows fungal bacteria to thrive. The fact is that they simply cannot survive in a moisture free environment. Read that last part again – the most efficient way to kill off this fungal bacteria completely is to dry them out. Kill of the bacteria, and then the condition will come to a complete end. Sounds fairly simple, yes? So, how do we do this without drying out and damaging our skin? Many have turned to herbal home remedies which do this quite nicely. These remedies recipes call for natural ingredients – some recipes’ ingredients can be found within the home. These topical remedies dry out and kill the fingal bacteria, and completely eliminate the condition altogether… this makes these home remedies the best Angular Cheilitis remedy available today. Angular Cheilitis Remedy

Angular Cheilitis Remedy is a proven Angular Cheilitis Solution for you!

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