Are there any natural herbal alternatives to getting hormones (drospirenone) other than birth control?

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Question by Smokey: Are there any natural herbal alternatives to getting hormones (drospirenone) other than birth control?
I was thinking of taking Yaz or yasmin for the purpose of regulating my hormones. I don’t know of any other way to stabilize my hormones but I would much rather take some supplement or herbal remedy rather than birth control. I’ve had bad skin for years and my hair grows back pretty fast. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Honey
I would suggest you consult a Homeopathic Physician, I did with superb results, I took Calcarea phos 30 for about a month.
Best of luck.

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  1. Zambiti says:

    Homeopathics is a good suggestion, a naturopath would be able to help too. Taking birth control is the worst thing you could do, so I’m glad to hear you don’t want to do that. It may seem to work, but it really makes the problem worse.

    You can find out where your hormones are and then choose a path of natural treatment by ordering your own saliva hormone test from

    If you are low in progesterone, high in estrogen, then you will want to supplement with a USP progesterone cream, over the counter, not pharmaceutical progestin which is dangerous. USP Progesterone is bio-identical and has the same molecular structure as what your body produces, so it is safe and healthful. Some things to watch for in a progesterone cream though, is that it doesn’t contain any estrogenic compounds, they will cause reactive symptoms like headaches, cramping and bloating. The best I’ve found has only two ingredients – USP progesterone and coconut oil – – Progestelle. Another site that has more info, a link to the saliva tests and its own safe progesterone cream is

    If you need estrogen (which I strongly doubt, but you may) then the easy supplement is Flax Seed – freshly ground. Do not buy preground flax as it will not be as effective. Instead, just get yourself some organic, brown flax seed and a cheap electric coffee grinder. Daily grind 1 Tablespoon and put this in a 12 oz glass of water. Stir it up and drink. Flax is nutty flavored, and a great addition to recipes also. Just grind a few tablespoons and add to muffins, or top your oatmeal with it, whatever. Flax is a natural estrogen which has been used for years by naturopaths as an estrogen supplement. The biggest thing to note with flax is that you should also drink plenty of water when taking it, as it is very high fiber. Good for digestive regulation, rich in omegas, all around beneficial. BUT if you are estrogen dominant, you should avoid it.

    Both of the above links should give you more information to get you headed down a more natural path. I believe Dr. Lee’s site will also have a list of estrogenic compounds to avoid. DEFINITELY cut out SOY!!! Many people find they don’t have to do anything beyond cutting out soy to improve symptoms.

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