Cat vomiting, has Diarrhea, HELP?

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Question by : Cat vomiting, has Diarrhea, HELP?
My Siamese mix, female, 2-yr-old has diarrhea and is vomiting green stuff (I think it’s bile) she is acting normal and eating and drinking normally, we changed her food and we’ve been giving her antibiotics because she has a skin infection. What could be causing this? Is there a herbal remedy?

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Answer by Oceanflower February
try nutri line pet food. its really really cheap, and made of organic matter.

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  1. birdgirl says:

    You don’t mention how long this has been going on. If a for a while this cat needs to go to the vet..she can become easily dehydrated. No, you don’t want to be self treating your cat not even knowing what is wrong and if there were herbal remedies for this type of thing..vets would all be out of business.

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