Benefits of Herbal Acne Remedies – Kill Acne Now With No Side Effects

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The benefits of herbal acne remedies versus the chemical-based or synthetic treatments are numerous. Mostly, it has to do with the side effects of the prescription and over-the-counter products designed to treat the condition. Here is a look at some of the chemical treatments and their side effects, as well as the herbal options.

Topical Antibacterials or Antibiotics

Benzoyl peroxide and triclosan are the two most common antibacterials found in over the counter ointments and cleansers. The concentration of these chemical compounds varies; the milder the concentration, the fewer the side effects.

The compounds work by killing the P. acne bacteria, which is the cause of infections in pimples and cysts. The side effects include redness, peeling, itching and irritation.

Topical antibiotics are prescribed by a doctor. There are fewer side effects for the topical antibiotics than there are for the oral ones, but there is still the risk that the bacteria will become resistant to the treatment over time.

Many herbs and botanicals have natural antibacterial activity, but without the side effects or the risks of creating more resistant bacteria. Some of the most effective natural remedies include tea tree oil, active manuka honey and turmeric.

Hormonal Treatments

Hormonal treatments are dangerous, because they are synthetic forms of the naturally occurring hormones. Even birth control pills are accompanied by risks ranging from high blood pressure to stroke.

There are herbs that help to balance hormonal production. It is best to contact an herbalist, a naturopathic doctor or a reliable manufacturer to determine which herbs are best for your sex and your condition.

Although sex hormones are often blamed for acne, because it typically appears during puberty, it may be related to other hormones, such as insulin and insulin-like growth factor. Diets high in milk and dairy products can cause increased production of those hormones, as can diets high in simple carbohydrates.


Retinoids are actually a synthetic form of vitamin A. Low levels of vitamin A have been associated with acne for many years. But, instead of suggesting natural vitamin A or beta-carotene, which the body converts to it and is even safer, doctors often prescribe the prescription drugs that containing the synthetic form. To many of us, it just does not make sense.

Retinoids, when taken orally, cause birth defects. They damage the liver and they cause depression. Nose bleeds and dry skin are the “milder” side effects. When applied topically, they cause excessive dryness, itching and irritation.

Natural plant extracts have the same antioxidant activity, but do not cause the side effects. Taking a good natural multivitamin or eating your vegetables is really all that is necessary to ensure adequate intake of vitamin A.

Sulfur is a good option for topical application, because it helps to balance the skin’s pH level. It has been used for thousands of years by societies from around the world for the treatment of acne. It works and it is safe.

There are many other safe and natural alternatives. There is simply no reason to resort to the chemicals or the synthetics. You have better options with natural remedies for acne that will not cause any harmful side effects.

Cures For Acne – Discover 7 Secrets on How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Fast

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Among the diseases of the skin which is really common during puberty is acne vulgaris which is referred to as pimples and as well an inflammatory disease too. It diminishes or vanishes as you get to your mid-twenties. The blackhead which is present beneath the surface of the skin and inconspicuous to the eye and is an enlarge hair follicle blocked with oil bacteria which leads to acne. The bacteria thrive inside the bloated follicle because of the oil brought forth which develops into an inflamed wound when under the proper circumstance.

Unopened blackhead or whitehead, and Open blackhead or whitehead are the two primary types of non-inflammatory acne as there are 4 types of inflammatory acne:

* Papule – this is a microscopic, firm, pink bulge that shows up on the skin in its most modest form.
* Pustule – these are minuscule round wounds which could appear red at the base and yellowish or milky at the inwardness containing conspicuous pus.
* Nodule or Cyst – these may hang on for weeks or months with the contents solidifying into a thick cyst which are big and sore. Both nodules and cysts oftentimes impart deep scars since they are pus-filled wounds deposited deep inside the skin.
* Acne Conglobata- backs, buttocks and chest are the areas where this dangerous bacteria infection grows.

Production of additional sebum, follicle fallout, bacteria, inflammation and hormones are the most common causes of acne.

Below are the 7 secrets on how to get rid of acne scars fast:

1. Acne prone areas can be irritated thereby making healthy skin dry and arouse production of excess oil skin due to over washing. Discontinue excessive washing of your skin.

2. Do not apply alcohol product to tone up your skin as it causes the sebaceous follicle to bring forth a lot of oil as the top layer of the skin has been peeled away by alcohol which is a strong astringent.

3. Stop utilizing pins, fingernails or any extra thing to pick or pinch the acne as this often leaves a lasting acne scar since the bacteria has been forced deeply into the skin.

4. Always wash after every physical exercise because it is an ideal breeding ground for the outspread of bacteria due to the moisture and heat trapped against the skin.

5. See to it that you take in a lot of food rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin E and Zinc like eggs, nuts, liver, milk, fish and leafy green vegetables because they are really beneficial.

6. Acne can be greatly subdued with sufficient sleep and a life without tension and emotional disquiet.

7. Get rid of wearing apparel made entirely with nylon and when working out put on small make-up.

Also, questions on how to get rid of acne scars fast can be solved using laser treatment for acne scars which is used to reduced acne scars that are left over. Applying teas, oils and herbal ointments are additional forms of acne treatment system practiced by a few folks over the traditional medicine. Likewise, azelaic acid, salicylic acid, tropical retinoid and benzyl peroxide are normally used in acne treatment.