Secrets of Successful Herbal Skin Care

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Cleopatra knew a thing or two about beauty. Her milk and honey bath is legendary and these ingredients are still used as part of any herbal skin care regime. But did you know that her servants actually gave her a scrub of sea salt and cream before she took the famous bath?

Why milk is such a good cleanser

The reason for that was to open the pores. In that way, the cleansing and nourishing actions of the milk and honey would be more effective. Milk contains different kinds of mild acids. One of is the more common ones is known as lactic acid (alpha hydroxy) which acts as a great cleanser. The other acid is called beta hydroxy acid which has an exfoliant function. That is very important in any herbal treatment for the skin because the dead cells need to be removed

Marvellous honey

Honey is used for a multitude of things and is a vital ingredient in skin care. Not only does it contain glucose and fructose but is also an anti inflammatory agent and can heal wounds for example. Some people use it for healing skin blemishes such as pimples and boils. It also contains a host of minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals which can kill bacteria, funghi and viruses.

Manuka honey

Did you know that the best honey for herbal skin care comes from the nectar of the Manuka bush flowers in New Zealand? Just think of the clean environment there and you will not be surprised that Manuka honey is now researched widely to establish the benefits for all sorts of illnesses and skin treatment. There is actually a Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato in New Zealand.

As regards skin care, Manuka honey has proven to be a natural antioxidant and is a moisturizer agent and thus can help greatly in cell regeneration. It can also assist in helping to retain moisture and is a prized ingredient in herbal skin care.

Modern developments in herbal skin care

But herbal treatment for the skin does not end with just milk and honey. Things have moved on since Cleopatra’s day and now there are cosmetic companies who have added other plants and flowers to their treatment plans and research is ongoing all the time. For example aloe vera, tea tree, raspberry and orange are all used in various preparations for obtaining a perfect complexion.

The Natural Way to Care for the Skin

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People who care about the health of their skin usually use herbal skin care products. More and more people are embracing herbal skin care products each day. Herbal skin care products have become so popular that you can now find them in many clothing and grocery stores.

Because of the popularity of herbal skin care products, many of the acclaimed manufacturers of chemical skin care products have added herbal products to their skin care lines. Herbs can now be widely found in everything from cleansers to moisturizers. Many people want to use them if for no other reason than that they are natural.

Herbal use in ancient times

The use of herbs for skin care dates back about as far as written history, around 3000 BC in Egypt. Egyptians used roses and fenugreek to prevent wrinkle formation. The Greeks later used cosmetics containing mint. In fact, most ancient cultures have recorded the application of herbs to their skin in an effort to achieve a beautiful complexion.

Use of herbs backed up by studies

Many modern scientific studies have evaluated and verified the healing, cleansing or protective properties of some herbs. Some studies have identified the herbal constituents that perform beneficial tasks on the skin.

Manufacturers take these studies into consideration when formulating their herbal skin care products. One herb that is commonly included in herbal skin care products for acne is rose geranium. Rose geranium contains properties that function as an antimicrobial treatment. It is also sometimes used to treat various skin infections.

More studies on herbal use for skin care needed

There still needs to be a lot of scientific study done on many of the herbs used in herbal skin care products. However, there is little financial motivation to fund studies of these herbs, as their inclusion in skin care formulas cannot be patented. So most people who use these products use them based on what seems to work.

Roses and chamomile are a couple of widely touted skin remedies found in herbal skin care products that remain understudied. However, the positive personal experiences of many people have to the wide use of roses and chamomile for skin care. Chamomile, for example, is touted for its ability to sooth the skin since the Middle Ages. Many people use it when they have a rash.

Homemade herbal skin care products

Herbal skin care products have become so popular that many people have learned to make their own herbal skin care treatments. There are now many books and guides available that describe in detail how to formulate various herbal treatments for specific skin conditions.