clearing pimples naturally..without chemicals..?

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Question by sahana: clearing pimples naturally..without chemicals..?
hi,i don’t wanna use any chemical peparations on my may clear ur complexion but willmake ur skin sensitive in the long once u stop it the acne will there any way to clear whiteheads naturally?any herbal remedy that worked for anyone?

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Answer by b0y_g3n|u5
scratch them like hell as soon as you see them, then use tea tree oil to sooth the red skin.

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7 Responses to “clearing pimples naturally..without chemicals..?”
  1. heyhey! says:

    i guess you could do a herbal mask?

  2. deluded_majority says:

    I have very sensitive skin so I’m allergic to most of the products on the market, what I do is steam my face every week or so, it opens up the pores and gets all the oil and junk out.. A healthy diet also helps alot.

  3. shasta cola says:

    drink lots of water

  4. dani says:

    i’ve heard of putting a dab of toothpaste on a pimple will clear it over night. never tried it though. good luck!

  5. sabrina c says:

    drink lots of water…clean ur face with dr. bronners castile is very mild after you clean ur face use juice from fresh lime as an astringent….also use oatmeal….and honey as a mask to soften and draw out impurities in the skin…

  6. von99 says:


  7. snoopy_0006 says:

    you can go on birth control it clears it up pretty good and prevent you from gettin pregnant to……works both ways hahaha

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