Common Skin Problems: Dry Skin

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Our skin is highly fragile. Many triggers can cause your skin to develop certain skin conditions such as dry skin. Dry skin is one of the other most common skin conditions after acne. Sometimes known as winter itch, your skin can be especially dry, flaky and itchy. If the case is severe enough, you may even find your skin to crack or bleed.

There are many tried-and-tested advices from skin care experts. Here, we list a few tips on prevention, self-care techniques and prescription treatment options which you may want to consider. Remember, if you treat your dry skin earlier, the better the easier it is for your control and manage this dry skin problem.


Add a purifier to your house. This can help to eliminate dust particles as well as add more humidity to your house. By keeping the temperature low, your skin will feel cool and less moisture will be lost.

Self-Care Techniques:

For most cases, you can carry out self-remedy as dry skin is a non life-threatening condition. Using a good dry skin moisturizer and effective dry skin products like Zemed and Autopalm can help to control this problem.

Medical Treatment:

If you think your case is severe enough, you may need to seek your dermatologist’s advice. In such cases, cortisone may be prescribed.

Dry Skin Care Tips

It is very important for you to know which skin care products suit your skin before you start to use them for your skin’s benefit. Not all skin care products are suitable as all of us have different skin type. If you want dry skin to stay away, you need to maintain a regular skin care regimen and practice good skin care habits.

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