Crohns, Celiac, Lupus, Hypothyroidism????? Help!?

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by wallygrom

Question by : Crohns, Celiac, Lupus, Hypothyroidism????? Help!?
I started to have mental fogginess issued back in 2004, and remember having a general feeling of not feeling well. I can’t really remember exactly what it was like back then though. By the time 2006 came along, my issues had progressed pretty rapidly. I…

– Had mental clarity issues.
– I would get up to go to the grocery store and get in the car and realized I had forgotten where I was going.
– I would bruise easily. I had diarrhea.
My stomach was extremely bloated.
I could barely carry on a conversation.

After a few failed attempts at the doctors, I DIAGNOSED MYSELF with Celiac’s disease. Immediately, I went on a gluten free diet. After 6 months of being gluten free, I did notice improvement in some areas. But I never got to feeling 100%. Not even 60%.

So I continued my research…

About a year ago, I truly thought I was dying. I had…

It feels as if all my stomach organs are swollen along with my head
I feel like I have a fever, and my skin is hot to the touch (but no actual fever)
Severe mental fogginess
Underarm sweating
Severe grogginess when waking
Severe bloating
Pressure headaches (get migraines on occasions with blurred vision, I think unrelated)
Swollen and puffy eyes
Got sick easily
Cold hands and feet
Shiver in cold weather
Major skin issues. Pustuals on the hands and feet, rashes, etc. However I was able to get that at bay with very very mild soap.

I knew at this point, I had to make a change. I cut everything out of my diet and slowly reintroduced things. At the end of this test, the only thing I could eat (at not perfect at that) was fruits, veggies, millet bread, sunflower butter (peanut butter substitute). I stuck to that diet for about 6 months and really better but dropped to 140 pounds. I went from a 1 out of 10 to a 6. But then started noticing that I was lacking nutrients and was getting other symptoms for not being balanced nutritionally. I have added a few things back in with a major herbal supplement system that I have created to help assist.

Right now my diet is this…

Millet bread
Sunflower butter

Garden of Life meal shake with probiotics and enzymes
Activated Charcoal (Draw out poisons)
Aloe Juice (Digestion)
Basil (Digestion)
Cayenne (Immune Booster)
Cilantro (Detox)
Cinnamon (Anti-Inflammatory)
Coconut (Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial)
Flax Oil (Anti-Inflammatory)
Garlic (Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal)
Ginger (Anti-Inflammatory)
Ginko (Blood Flow)
Ginsing (Digestion)
Lime (Anti-Biotic)
Mushroom (Cancer inhibitor)
Peppermint (Digestion)
Rosemary (Blood Flow)
Tumeric (Anti-Inflammatory, Cancer Fighter)
Lemon Water

I have seen certain improvements with my herbal remedy, but nothing too major.
I thought way back that it was celiac’s. Deleting gluten from my diet helped, but did not fix the problem. My current research makes me feel like it is either Crohn’s or something similar, or Hepatitis C. I have read that the two can be confused. I have recently been tested through a private company for Hep C and it came back Negative. What confuses me is that I do not have stomach pain like most Crohn’s patients do. However, I am pretty sure I have an ulcer. I do have a sharp pain in my stomach that comes and goes at times. And the biggest issue for me is mental clarity and this swelling fever I deal with. I can deal with irregular bowel movements, but the way I feel is unacceptable. I have a copy of blood work I had done a year ago when I was feeling my worst, and I noticed that they didn’t test for Hypothyroidism? Do these symptoms sound like this could possibly be a culprit? Lupus?

I am probably the healthiest person you know. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, all of my diet is natural organic from the earth foods, herbs and minerals. I should not fee the way that I do.

Please help!

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5 Responses to “Crohns, Celiac, Lupus, Hypothyroidism????? Help!?”
  1. Linda R says:

    You can continue to play doctor yourself, feel miserable, and possibly allow permanent damage to your body, or you can go to a doctor and get a real diagnosis.

    Untreated Crohn’s can lead to the need for an ileostomy (bag).
    Untreated autoimmune disease like lupus can cause permanent organ damage and death.

    Go to the doctor.

  2. Cindy in Texas says:

    I don’t see any protein or saturated fat in your diet which are essential to good health. I would highly suggest eating eggs if you can. Can you eat oysters? I started eating 1 oz. canned oysters every morning for the naturally occurring zinc (170% DV) & found it also had 90% DV of B12 as well as getting an extra 3g a week in EPA/DHA.

    Optimize your vit.D levels most people are deficient & especially ill people. Vit.D is not really a vitamin but a hormone that regulates your immune system. I would highly suggest researching. I personally did 35,000iu a day for 3 months to refill my depleted stores & now do 10,000-20,000iu per day. The constant fibromyalgia pain I had for 10 years went away doing this. I did 35,000iu for 2 months, then knocked it down to 2000iu day & the pain was back after a week, so I did another month of higher levels.

    I highly suggest filtering water to remove fluoride & other things. I’m using a zero water filter but wish I had invested in a Berkey water filter system because the filters are cleanable & don’t need to be replaced. What I’ve spent on filters, I could have bought a berkey system.

    I highly recommend a green drink with 2 tablespoons each of chlorella, spirulina, kelp, turmeric (pinch of pepper & half teaspoon of cinnamon) mixed in 28oz of water with a splash of raw apple cider vinegar & raw honey. I add half a cup of chia seeds to another 28oz blenderball bottle of water & serve these half & half over ice. The chia seed makes the green drink much more enjoyable. I buy chia seeds in bulk from & algae from

    I would suggest testing your thyroid at home with the Barnes Basal Temperature test (instructions online) – consistent low basal temperature is indicative of thyroid dysfunction & is more accurate than blood test (but harder to document) Low thyroid can cause a lot of health issues including brain fog.

    Are you using unrefined salt – preferably mined celtic or himalayan – Unrefined salt contains over 80 minerals. Salt and water work together to do important work in your body, including stimulating your metabolism, helping you detoxify, support your adrenals and making sure your nerves, hormones and immune system function properly.

    The body needs saturated fats to make vitamins & minerals & even omega 3 oils bioavailable so they can be incorporated into the body structure. I do not recommend flax seed oil – ground flax seed is fine (chia seed is better, because it doesn’t need to be ground) Unsaturated oils are fragile & oxidize (go rancid) when exposed to air & create free radical damage in the body – oils in whole foods are fine though.

  3. celiac says:

    You should see a digestive system specialist immediately! Even supplements should not be taken before consulting a medical doctor who is either an expert in immunology, gastroenterology or Endocrinology & Metabolism…

  4. Dekayel says:

    Recommend you look into Lyme disease (and other tick-borne infections) as a very real possibility. Read this article about the gastrointestinal manifestations of Lyme disease:

    Here are other useful sites:

    Good sources of info about Lyme disease:

  5. Mrs Knowitall says:

    Try The Canker Spanker! It works wonderfully for me. Google them, they always give something away for FREE with each order.

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