Dark Spots on Faces-How to Get Rid of them?

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Question by colettevv: Dark Spots on Faces-How to Get Rid of them?
I have tried alot: Ambi, Nadinola, alpha hydroxy acids, chemical peels (TCA 25%), & herbal remedies and masks. These flat, dark spots are found mainly under my chin and neck from hair growth, but I have had laser removal, and now all I have left is smooth, hyperpigmented skin. Please help!!! I am getting married in 2 months!!!!

Please tell me what you have tried and works

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Answer by Kola
Maybe the derm can give you a retin a cream, it speeds up the skin cell turnover. Mine gave me some for dark acne spots and I swear it takes a week for them to go away where before it would take months.

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  1. 143 says:

    Here, I HIGHLY recommend N7 Total Renewal.

    Firstly, I’m 14. I just bought it yesterday for only $ 20 from Shoppers Drugmart. I bought it to get rid of acne scars. I used it last night and this morning my scars are soooo much lighter! I was super suprised because NOTHING ever works on me. Anyways, I’ll just type up whats on the back, I think it might help you 🙂

    ‘Instantly reveal fresher, clearer, younger-looking skin. Micro-crystals sweep away dull cells, improving appearance, tone, texture and radiance from the very first use’

    It worked for me so I really hope it works for you if you choose to try it. Why not? It’s only $ 20!

  2. Beatles says:

    use the Porcelana fade cream this works great I used to have
    acne scars now my skin is clear flawless use it works is cheap too
    use the night cream.

  3. lmarida79 says:

    The best way to get rid of hyperpigmentations and probably the only option that would work before your wedding is laser treatment. Hyperpigmentations are one of the easiest things to get rid of with laser but make sure you go to a dermatologist to have any unusual brown spots checked out.

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