Diet Full of Fiber Offers Natural Remedies for Constipation

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Diet Full of Fiber Offers Natural Remedies for Constipation

Article by Marisha Kelly

<h2> Natural Constipation Remedies: Cleanse your Colon with Foods Rich in Fiber </h2>

YouÂ’ve heard the fuss about adding fiber to your diet and for good reasons. Junk foods may be tasty, but such foods may irritate your stomach, cause constipation, or grow to make you feel sick. Foods rich in fiber, including fruits and vegetables, offer natural remedies for constipation and allow for a natural colon cleanse. Such foods also move easily throughout the digestive tract, altogether helping to shift the wastes deposited and toxins accumulated in our large intestine.

Possible added health benefits of adding foods rich in fiber to your diet include reduced risk of developing hemorrhoids, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, obesity, colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and intestinal disorders like diverticulosis.

A diet rich in fiber may also promote weight loss, since such foods are lower in calories and are likelier to make you feel full in a shorter amount of time.

So, what foods are rich in fiber allowing you those natural remedies for constipation?

Natural constipation remedies may be felt by starting your day with a high-fiber al bran cereal. According to the Food and Drug Administration, high-fiber products have a 20 percent of the Daily Value, so checking the nutrition label is important.<p/>

Fruits such as apples, strawberries, raisins, prunes and figs make for an easy snack and can satisfy your daily fiber needs. Adding 2 and a half cups of vegetables to your dinner, whether carrots, baked potatoes with skins, broccoli or Brussels sprouts, can help meet your intake of fiber, too.

The American Dietetic Association recommends that women obtain a daily amount of fiber of 25 grams and men obtain a daily amount of fiber of 38 grams. For people 50 years old and over, the recommended daily fiber intake for women is reduced to 21 grams and 30 grams for men.

But while you may now be eager to switch over to a high-fiber diet and experience those natural remedies for constipation, consulting your physician is important. Women who are pregnant or nursing and those who have intestinal disorders should always consult with their doctors before starting any type of diet or health regimen.

<h2>An Alternative Fiber Solution for Experiencing Natural Constipation Remedies</h2>

You may dislike eating fruits or vegetables, but fiber supplements or fiber drinks may offer an alternative and help in promoting natural constipation remedies. When adding a sachet or approximately 2 tablespoons of a fiber supplement to a glass of water, such fiber drinks may aid in the elimination of wastes, cleansing the colon or producing an overall detoxifying effect.

WhatÂ’s more, fiber drinks and fiber supplements encourage you to drink water. ItÂ’s important to keep your body hydrated, especially when perspiration, urination and bowel movements contribute to the bodyÂ’s overall loss of fluid.

Generally, drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day is recommended, and having a fiber drink or adding a fiber supplement can help you meet the daily recommendation.

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