Do some of these questions really concern you?

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herbal skin remedy
by Steve Guttman NYC

Question by clownssuck: Do some of these questions really concern you?
Does you sometimes see questions posted on here along the lines of:

“I’ve recently had my head chopped off. Can anybody suggest a herbal remedy?” or “I have part of my leg bone protruding through the skin – will this affect my love life?”

and just think OH MY GOD sort yourself out!!!??

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Answer by natdee2010
LOL some questions are like that and it bugs me…

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6 Responses to “Do some of these questions really concern you?”
  1. a-and-a says:

    Yes it worries me for several reasons:
    1. There must be some really weird people out there and I might meet one of them.
    2. There must be some equally weird people out there who actually take the trouble to answer them.
    3. Even weirder are those who answer on the lines of “God says so” or “It’s in the Bible” and actually believe what they have said.

    On the other hand I will still keep reading and answering the questions just in case there is, perhaps, some really troubled individual out there who really needs an honest and sensible answer.

  2. cooper_kid86 says:

    Yes Yes I do. I often wonder how these people got so screwed up in the head. They make me sick sometimes with some of their questions. I mostly try to ignore them but everyonce in awhile one catches my attention.

  3. toadhopper422 says:

    Yes, those kind of questions do concern me. But I think those questions are done for shock-value. What concerns me more is, some of the well-meaning, totally wrong answers and medical misinformation given by non-medical people to the asker. I think that if you don’t really know, or you are just guessing, you shouldn’t answer medical-type questions.

  4. aksuger06 says:

    yea, but some people have too much free time!!

  5. lil_kiss24 says:

    Yeah, just lately Ive seen some really disturbing questions. Perverts are masking themselves as kids and asking sexual questions. These kinda things just turn my stomach, you know. They kinda diminish faith in humans you know. Unfortunatley there are predators out there who get their kicks from such things.
    All we can do is report them i guess.
    As for the other silly questions….i reckon its just lonely people reaching out for someone to talk to.

  6. purple says:

    i have seen a lot of questions on here that bother me and stay on my mind for a while thinking about it.i read a lot on here from young girls wonting to no sexual stuff and i think why cant they talk to there mom… you no.. on here is a bad way to get answers for young girls..i have 2 grown up daughters and one grown up son.. who was able to talk to me about everything..

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