dog has dry itchy skin, does anyone know of any safe remedies?

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Question by spkunze13: dog has dry itchy skin, does anyone know of any safe remedies?
First of all, my dog HAS been to the vet. He gets a cortisone shot every 8 weeks. THey help for about two weeks and it isnt safe for the vet to give the shots more frequently. So I am looking for something herbal maybe, or a shampoo or something that might sooth his skin until whatever allergen is floating around subsides.
Yes, my dog has undergone allergy testing and the allergens are seasonal like ragweed and things in the fall. Not much I can do about that but try to manage his symptoms. He is literally scratching wounds in his skin. Im at a loss.
Curtis-we feed the taste of the wild brand foods. Is there anything better out there that you know of? Have any specific reccomendations?

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instead of giving steroid injections which can cause severe complications over time, why not find the cause of the allergies.

you can add fish oils to his diet (180mg/ 10 pounds of body weight), feed a hypoallergenic diet such as royal canin hp, and try antihistamines.

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  1. Christa says:

    Try a human oatmeal bath, like Aveeno. There are also oatmeal shampoos for dogs at your local walmart. Try to brush his coat every day to stimulate his body’s natural oils. Buy dog food that specifically says, “Skin and Coat Formula” (but never buy from Iams as they perform cruel animal experiments!). Never wash your dog with harsh shampoos such as those for flea and tick treatment more than once every 2-3 weeks.

  2. Curtis M says:

    Looking for herbal help aye? So you believe in the power of nature? Well if that’s true, why are you feeding an animal who’s clearly a carnivore cooked beef and grains (dog food)? Carnivores eat raw meat and organ and bone. Your dog is clearly a carnivore (bladed molars, short intestinal tract). You’d be itchy and sick too if all I fed you was burnt beef patties and stale bred. Research and feed a raw prey modeled diet. All of your dogs allergies will “magically” disappear in a month or less.

  3. Salty Boy says:

    Make sure you are only bathing him once a month or maybe even once every two months. Much of the time when a dog has skin issues, the owners are bathing it too much.

  4. rinzerider says:

    Is your dog’s itching seasonal? or constant? If it is seasonal it is likely and airborne allergen. Give him frequent baths with a very mild, high fat shampoo. This should wash the irritants off of him. It could be the detergent you use to wash his bedding. Choose a non-allergic detergent. If it is constant year round it could be food allergy. Have your vet recommend a non-allergic food, such as Hill’s Z/D this is an expensive food, but it is used diagnostically and you won’t have to buy it longer than a few months. It could be as simple as changing his food.
    You also could check his thyroid function. Hypo-thyroid can cause dry, flaky skin.

  5. maybell says:

    oh my! have you try oatmeal shampoo for dogs,go on-line.good luck

  6. Jackie says:

    Oatmeal bath. My ARPBT gets dry itchy skin when I DONT bath her. she is a clean freak and has allergies. I use Oatmeal shampoo to sooth her skin. What is the cortisone for? Try asking the vet about wheat free or corn free or filer free dog food. My ex switched my dogs food while under his care and not only did she get horrible gas but her fur started falling out. Very itchy and dry. The make stuff you mix in their food to help their tummy develop the proper bacteria for the new food.

    These are all good ideas to discuss with your vet. Good Luck!

  7. GBaby says:

    I had two pugs, one now and they both had very dry itchy skin so what we did was give them a nice warm bath with a dog shampoo that was for both fleas and dry skin and then take a normal everyday lotion and while the dogs still wet apply the lotion to its body all over and make sure you rub it into the skin. don’t over do it though because it will just cause the dog to feel greasy and have its hair harden up.

  8. daa says:

    Dry itchy skin is often a symptom of a food allergy. Did your vet discuss this possibility? You might try a food that does not contain any corn, wheat, or soy (common allergens found in most dog foods).

  9. Charles says:

    oatmeal shampo works on my dog she gits reall itchey skin

  10. Animal Artwork & the Lou says:

    My suggested remedy – Prey Model Raw diet. I feed a primarily “frankenprey” model.

  11. Ritchellei says:

    Allergies are a common problem in dogs, and can occur from exposure to pollen, dust, a household product, a food ingredient or an insect bite. When your dog suffers from an allergic reaction, his symptoms can include pruritis, which is itchy or swollen skin, vomiting, diarrhea, and even difficulty breathing.

    Here’s more info.

  12. River says:

    You need to try Petnat Dermacton, all natural comes as a spray, a cream and a shampoo bar which is awesome.

    Money back guarantee! Lots of rescue places use it:

    If you are in the states you can buy it from or in Europe direct from the manufacturer

  13. ♥Love♥ is a German Shepherd Dog says:

    AMEN Curtis

    Raw “magically” fixes many problems in dogs

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