Help! Please and Thank You!?

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Question by brooke: Help! Please and Thank You!?
hi i’ve been trying to clear my acne for a long time with antibiotics and crap, and just recently my friend told me she went to a hollistic doctor who cured her skin with herbal remedies and stuff
she wants me to make an appointment but i’m iffy about it..
anyone have experience with this/believe in it?

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Answer by ThenImLikeWhOa
whoa. dude if you do it and if that works, let me know.
cuz i’ve been wanting to get rid of acne for a long time
now and nothing is working):

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2 Responses to “Help! Please and Thank You!?”
  1. josh_dude28 says:

    Have you tried coating cotton balls with Witch Hazel and rubbing it across your face? This worked for me. Make sure you do after you take a shower and daily for best effect.

  2. Jasmine C says:

    2 suggestions:
    tea tree oil & a cotton ball its cheap and it works.
    otherwise, try the Vichy skincare works

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