help with odd skin and pimples (treatments make it worse)?

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Question by cryadis: help with odd skin and pimples (treatments make it worse)?
i have a rather annoying problem…i dont have really bad acne or anything, just a few spots on chin and forehead. but theyre often big red and painful. and no matter what i put on them, it seems to make it worse rather then better. for example, i got benzyl peroxide cream and use it on pimples. but if i get even a little on skin that doesnt already have a pimple, one pops up. same with other acne creams, or herbal remedies…its really annoying, cause i cant use face washes or anything to actually PREVENT them. can only spot reduce when theyre all big and already ick. im wondering if anyone can recommend what to do? or why this happens? any help would be oh so appreciated!

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I used to get acne and go to the dermatologist and the Rx med would only work for a short time and then the problem would worsen. I started making my own products and they have worked. Email me at and i will direct you to my website where you can purchase the items that i make to control your acne and blemishes. Believe me they will work!!!!

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  1. dichotomymom says:

    Honey is a natural antiseptic, but has soothing properties. I don’t want to tell you to do something that will make your skin worse, but if you’ve already tried other things, then that’s what I would suggest. Steaming your face a few times a week might help also.

  2. mumontherun says:

    Try putting tea tree oil on your skin before bed each night. Its a natural antiseptic – the chemicals seem to do more harm than good. pure oil is the best. hope that helps!

  3. Zoran Gajic says:

    I think the problem is bacteria in your skin. Those pimples are a sign that you have constant problems with acne. Bacteria is inside and your body is dealing with it all the time. That’s why sometimes they are bigger sometimes smaller, depends on how strong is your body’s immune system at the time. But the fact that it doesn’t go away means you need to help your body to deal with it permanently.

    Also you said when you used certain treatments more pimples came out. This could be that bacteria is already inside just you can’t see the acne with your eyes. And when you used products it all came out.

    You should know that when I start treatments acne is always more severe in first few days when the skin is clearing. Then it gets better and better and eventually it’s gone for good. My treatment is natural and kinda special so I can’t really talk about it over the internet because I need to see the skin with my own eyes and check many facts before I start. No 2 persons have the same skin so my treatment is always different from person to person, but I always try to deal with the root of the problem not just with acne.

    But what I can tell you is this. Acne is a sign that something inside the body isn’t working as it should. Our skin is the first indicator of body’s energy imbalance. Weak body’s immune system. Lack of certain nutrition. Or unhealthy lifestyle. It can also be genetics.

    So I don’t know the reason for you. But there’s much you can do to help your own body deal with acne. And believe me, no product is as good dealing with acne as your own body.

    1. Drink clear water. No soda drinks no sugar added drinks. Clear water is what your body need for proper functionality. If you were used to drink soda or other drinks try and drink just clear water. Effects on acne will be seen in months. Our body has a delay. When we live unhealthy it takes time for problems to show on our skin, same goes when we live healthy. It takes time before positive effects are seen. Water can help, if it was the root problem for acne.

    2. Daily workout routine. This is essential because your body needs good blood flow in areas where acne is forming. So more nutrition gets there, more anti-body cells to kill the bacteria and more toxins get flushed away when needed. Remember to clean your face with clear water (no soap) after the exercise because sweat can cause acne too. Effects are seen in weeks.

    3. Healthy lifestyle! This is the most important. Healthy food, reduce stress, relaxing activities. And your mental condition. Depressions and constant stress causes eventually causes acne breakouts. It also causes hormonal inbalances and metabolism problems. Effects are seen in months. But change of lifestyle is a permanent solution to many problems not just acne. Your body and you will always be grateful for any little effort you put into changing your lifestyle to be of better quality!

    4. Highly recommended product to help fight with acne is ClearPores :

    It’s natural, causes no side effects and deals with acne where it forms. That means from the inside and out. It totally outranks any other products on the market.

    Hope my advice helped. If you have more questions I’ll be glad to answer. You can check my website at — find my contact info and write me an email.

    For nutritional help to deal with acne I only help personally because I need more info about your lifestyle and if possible photos of skin. But it can be arranged.

    Good Luck!

  4. Jessica says:

    he products you are using, are they Salsylic Acid or Benzoyl peroxide? BP can be VERY drying. I personally like SA better. Salsylic acid it really good. It is in almost all acne washes. Benzoyl Peroxide is too drying for me! Try finding a face lotion with SA in it. Clean and Clear has a good moisturizer with SA and it helps keep pimples at bay. It is only about $ 5 a bottle and lasts about 2 months and you can get it at your local store. I have used this in the past and it works well. Personally, I use Biore products (which you get over the counter. Their products range from $ 5-$ 10). They are harsh on pimples, but not on your face.
    Personally, Proactive didn’t work for me. I have been using Biore products for over a year and I hardly ever break out! Occasionally I will get one or two, but nothing bad. I use Biore Ice Cleanser and warming facial scrub every morning. And then 3-4 day s a week I use Biore purging pore cream scrub. For body acne I use Neutrogena acne body wash I never break out on my body. It gets 110 in summer so sweat in inevitably, yet I never break out. Give it a try. All of it is cheap too. About $ 5-10 depending on what you buy! Salsylic acid it really good. It is in almost all acne washes. Benzoyl Peroxide is too drying for me! I think you will just need to experiment with products until you find what works for you. Remember, it can take 1 month for products to fully begin working! Good Luck!

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