Herbal Home Remedies and Natural Treatment for Hair Loss

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Herbal Home Remedies and Natural Treatment for Hair Loss

Article by Mikehussey

Hair loss and baldness is a frightening specter for all. Several attempts were made to avoid these problems. Hundreds of thousands of money flying to do in the salon care salon bought the following known hair loss prevention drug with a variety of brands.

In general, hair loss is caused by two factors: hereditary factors and acquired or hereditary factors. Loss due to heredity, there is not much to do, but to prevent the loss does not occur quickly. While the factors obtained, is caused by the disease and also the fault of hair care.

How to take care of hair:

1. Expand to eat nutritious food. Due to the nutrients that can regenerate skin cells, skin cells and hair. Some foods are green vegetables (spinach and broccoli), lentils, beans, eggs, wheat grains, oysters, skim milk and yogurt are also found in carrots.2. Drink plenty of mineral water, as water becomes an important requirement of the body so the body becomes weak and dry terrace.3. Diligent exercise, exercise can release toxins into the body so that if your hair becomes stronger.

4. Diligent Rajinlah shampoo, and set the condition of your hair with shampoo.5. Enough money to take care of your beauty salon beauty salon.

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair loss is quite normal because the hair has its own life cycle. To see if the loss is prolonged, the amount of hair loss than 100 lines per day.

A strand of hair can last from 3-5 years to grow a healthy scalp. In pores of the scalp, the mean will occur until regeneration of hair growth as much as 20 times. Hair grows and increases the length of approximately 12 mm within a month. If you have no cuts, hair will grow to more than 107 cm, before falling and experiencing new growth in the same pore.

This phase lasts approximately 3-5 years. The second phase is cartage. In the phase that lasts 3-4 weeks, the growth of the hair cells is beginning to slow down before stopping. The third phase is called deluge phase. Hair follicles to shrink and move to the surface of the scalp.

This process lasts for 3-4 months. After going through three phases, new hair will grow back to replace that had fallen. Growth cycle lasts 4 years, and can be repeated 25 times.

Problem of hair due to unexpected errors such as drug use, abnormal hormone levels or infection of the scalp, you can actually treat. The most common and difficult to treat baldness. Male or where the woman’s hair grows only in the temples of the head and forehead. This is often a problem in men is not as complicated as that suffered by women. It may be due to genetic factors.

Genetic baldness is usually caused by alpha-reeducates, the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT causes hair follicles decreased. This results in the generation of hair thinner and weaker, and consequently the loss.

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