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Article by Maral Heggemeier

Are you looking to use herbal pet remedies? If you are then you are in a growing segment of the United States population that is turning to herbal pet remedies. Most people are looking for alternative medicines that are safer for their pets than conventional vet medicines. Herbal pet remedies are effective and safe.

If you are also looking to save some money on vet bills then herbal pet remedies can be the answer for your pet’s treatment for milder forms of illnesses and disease. Imagine being able to treat them at home where they are more comfortable and saving a little money in the process.

Herbal pet remedies can take the form of supplements, direct use internally and externally, and the form of home remedies.


* Thousands of years ago Greeks took notice of dogs’ natural actions in eating wild herbs to prevent illness and disease to and to promote healing

* Herbs can be used to strengthen dogs’ immune system

* Herbs can also be used to increase organ function

* Many herbs support dogs’ overall body wellness and health

* Notice a dog’s behavior in eating grass to induce vomiting to expel some toxic in their bodies

* Herbs are used to treat a variety of illnesses and diseases such as arthritis, eye ailments, distemper, worms, tumors, and vomiting among others

* Garlic, for instance, contains more than 200 different chemicals and many of them are beneficial to dogs

* Garlic is being used to treat high blood pressure, fleas (as a repellant), heartworms, and eliminating waste substances from the dog’s cells

* Most herbal treatments for dogs are used as a supplement to traditional medication and not as a replacement to the medication

* Many of the herbs and spices used by humans daily are used in medicinal compounds and treatments for our pets


* Aloe – Used to treat minor burns and skin irritations

* Bach Flower Essences – Used to treat stress

* Burdock – Improves immunity, lowers blood sugar, and detoxifies

* Calendula – Used to treat sores and burns and as a disinfectant for skin wounds

* Caraway – Increases appetite and helps with stomach issues including diarrhea

* Catnip – Used to stimulate activity

* Dill – Used to treat nausea, gas, and stomach issues such as upset stomach

* Echinacea – Used to kill bacteria and viruses

* Eyebright – Used as an eye wash

* Fennel – Used to treat a variety of stomach issues including indigestion

* Parsley – Used as a laxative and diuretic

* Rosemary – Good for itchy and dry skin

* Valerian – Used as sleep aid and to calm and relax cats

Herbal pet remedies are just another form of home remedies for our pets.Want time tested ways to treat a lot of your pet’s illnesses and ailments without having to pay a vet bill? If so, then click on the links below and get some great home remedies that will save you a lot of money.

Are you making any of the classic pet treatment mistakes which will cause you to improperly use herbal pet remedies? I hate to admit it but I have made most if not all of them myself. Find out what they are and how to avoid them by visiting http:// http://www.natural-and-herbal-dog-remedies.com right now before you do any serious harm to your pet. They are a member of the family also.

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