Herbal remedies for skin? Skin texture?

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Question by Yuki: Herbal remedies for skin? Skin texture?
I’m interested in herbs, and I’ve read up on them a good deal. Recently, I’ve made an herbal toner using rosemary, elderflowers, nasturtium, lavender, and myrtle. It works, I think, but I’m not sure on one thing – I know that the point is to get soft skin, but is it supposed to be velvety-smooth or slippery-smooth? Also, are there any other herbs that might work well with oily skin? (My problem being that I inherited large pores from my parents, and while I do know that I can’t exactly “shrink” them, I’d like to try to make them less obvious without using too much makeup)

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Answer by William M
im sure youve heard of it but, Proactiv, it does wonders

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7 Responses to “Herbal remedies for skin? Skin texture?”
  1. IDontWannaBeMe says:

    ok try grabing some grass any kind of grass then chew it up a little bit and then smere it all over your body

  2. Brandon L says:

    I know herbs and all taht crap is great but what works for me is like an apricot scrub just like store brand its really great cause its kidna tuff so it cleans well and then ur skin is really soft now liek this is just for face so also from target theres a facial scrub which workis awesome for the whole pore thing try em out

  3. Rex B says:

    Sounds interesting. The only thing I know to do for keeping oily skin and pores under control is a good quality facial soap or face scrub and terrycloth wash cloth. Probably not what you wanted to hear tho…

  4. mother_amethyst says:

    I don’t know about applying herbs to your face, but taking burdock, dandelion root and hawthorn capsules will help purify your blood, and therefore your skin. I got rid of diabetic skin ulcers that I had had for 5 years (nothing worked) by taking burdock capsules.

  5. isabelladragonfly says:

    To soak up oil I like a clay mask with kaolin . Most supermarkets and health food stores have clay masks . The other thing I love is this bar
    It’s huge and I cut mine into quarters with a sharp kitchen knife. I got mine in december and have a half a bar left . It tones down my oil and pores. I aim for silky smooth and glowing and this bar gives it to me . I pair it with pure sqauline for moisture. It doesn’t clog my pores or leave me greasy
    These are ingriedients that are good for making your own masks . Happy mixing and may your skin be radient
    You may be able to find squaline at your heath food store

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  7. Kylie says:

    green tea helps

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