Herbal Skin Care – Useful Information

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herbal skin remedy
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Herbal Skin Care – Useful Information

Article by Emily Rae

People have been involved in herbal skin care since history began.They have used mixtures of various herbs and botanicals to beautify themselves, as a herbal treatment for the skin and to protect from weather conditions. There are many uses for the thousands of available herbs but this article is about herbal skin care.

The wisdom of these wonderful herbal blends and remedies has almost been forgotten. During the past 100 years we have moved away from natural to man made chemicals in skin care products. Using extensive clever marketing tactics skin care companies have lead the consumer to believe that these expensive chemical laden products exceed anything we have ever known.

It has become evident that the unnatural chemical based skin care products are toxic and damaging to our body, causing various side effects such as reactions, rashes, drier skin and cancer. As a result of this the demand has returned for natural, botanical and herbal skin care.

To meet this demand the mainstream skin care companies have started adding trace amounts of herbs and botanicals to their chemical based skin care products and marketing the product as natural.

The truth is that the mainstream skin care companies are not adding enough of the natural ingredients to be of any benefit to the consumer.There are very few regulations in this area so it means that as a consumer it is important to educate yourself on what the ingredients are and the amount that is added.

Generally speaking, if you are looking for herbal skin care products you are better researching the unknown skin care companies to find the best quality and value for money herbal skin care products. A company that offers a money back guarantee is even better. Often, a genuine company will not waste their money on expensive advertising. Instead they prefer to spend on research and improving on their already exceptional products.

A company that I personally like is using the latest in cell rejuvenation technology to formulate their powerful products. They are effectively using herbal and botanical extracts in generous amounts in their chemical free products. Herbal extracts like comfrey and bearberry, nut grass, passiflora caerulea, nutmeg and witch hazel. The same amounts of the ingredients that were effective in the clinical trials are used in their herbal skin care products.

Added to these are botanicals such as Japanese seaweed that is full of antioxidants and nutrients. The Japanese woman have used this as an important part of their beauty regime for years to restore and maintain their ageless appearance.Active manuka honey from the manuka tree, grapeseed oil and avocado oil to name a few.

The above ingredients and more, used in the effective amounts are powerful in the renewal of your skin cells, rebuilding of your collagen and elastin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, hydrating your skin, reducing the effects of sun damage, age spots inflamed skin,skin disorders, scarring, stretchmarks and visible signs of aging.

So there you have it, some useful information on herbal skin care. I have a lot more info on my site so please follow the links to find out more. You have nothing to lose, just your age.

Emily Rae is a dedicated researcher of Natural Health, Natural Nutrition and Natural Anti Aging Skin Care. To find her results on Natural Anti Aging Skin Care for the best wrinkle free younger looking skin please click on her Website:http://healthy-and-beautiful-skin.com/

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