Home Remedies for Helping Burns Heal Faster?

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Question by Lasca: Home Remedies for Helping Burns Heal Faster?
Earlier this week, my sister suffered a small but severe chemical burn. It’s about 4″x6″ and is composed of 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her upper thigh.

She’s been to the hospital, and they’ve put her on pain killers and antibiotics. Unfortunately, she’s a slow healer and we’re worried if she doesn’t heal fast enough she’ll have to get a skin graft, which would just cause more pain and scarring.

So I’m wondering, does anyone know of any herbal/home remedies to help speed the healing? Anything she can take or put on the wound would be great.

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Answer by Adam Von D
Mmmmmm, starch from a raw cleaned and cut potatoe are good.
So i heard.
aloe gel is pretty good.
Don’t let it be wrapped up all the time either, let the wound breathe.

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5 Responses to “Home Remedies for Helping Burns Heal Faster?”
  1. karen beepbeep says:

    noy really just apply hydrocortisone cream and keep it clean wont hurt to let air hit every now and then

  2. Couto says:

    didn’t they give her some salve to put on it? Burns are terribly painful. Call the doc and get some . If she has actual 2n and 3rd degree burns, anything you put on could cause infection.

  3. mustanger says:

    The best treatment I have ever found for burns is ALOE. If you can get the plant just cut off a leaf and slice lengthwise across the width. The inside of the leaf is very sappy and juicy. Lay that juicy side on the burn and tie it so it stays there. Change the leaf out when it starts to dry out. The healing power of the plant is tremendous. I’ve seen some real bad burns that didn’t even leave a scar when treated with the Aloe. Good Luck.

  4. hunter621 says:

    Colloidal Silver is the best thing I have ever seen for burns! Promotes really quick healing. You just spray it directly onto the burn and let it soak in.

    You can purchase CS in health food stores for around $ 7 per ounce, and sometimes the larger bottles cost less per ounce.

    I make my own for less than $ 1 per gallon!!

  5. marcsgarage says:

    The two best herbs for burns are comfrey and aloe. Probably the most effective would be a comfrey salve. Here links to comfrey salve and detailed comfrey info:

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