how do i get my doctor to see beyond blood tests?

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Question by gigi: how do i get my doctor to see beyond blood tests?
as i said on another question i suspect i have pcos,my doctor has run blood tests for these,and blood sugar-diabetes,thyroid etc.
as far as my doctor is concerned because blood tests dont show anythinng up i am fine.
basiclly my syptoms dont exist as far as she is concerned !my syptoms are menstual differculties,very light,with pms,weightgain,skin rashes ,yeast infections,tiredness,sugar cravings, spots.
have treated myself with herbal remedies,but my weightgain ,worrys me and i feel if she gave me a diagnosis she would be able to prescribe metformin to bring my insulin levels down so i can lose weight easier.have a family history with diabetes,aunt with type 1 and father with type 2 although he wasnt overweight until they started him on insulin,so i am worried i may be headed the same way.should i turn to natural practioners instead ?
thanks for any advice 🙂
also just to say it very differcult to change gp in my area ,all the surgerys are oversubscribed.a friend of mine had terrible trouble changing,and her new isnt much better.i like the surgery im with not the doctor .also no i havent had a three day test what is that ?had an overnight fasting one around 10yrs ago? 🙂
i dont eat a lot of sugar,altough i get sugar and carb craving s.i eat a relativaly healthy diet! 🙂

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Answer by stringhead3
you can always change doctors, just do your research because you want to go to someone who is willing to listen to you and your aliments

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3 Responses to “how do i get my doctor to see beyond blood tests?”
  1. Bil B says:

    Have they run a three day blood test? If not sometimes your problems want show up till you take the longer test.
    If so you might want to get another doctor!

  2. futterbly79 says:

    If you feel that your doctor is not giving you the proper attention you feel you need, I suggest getting a second opinion. If you like your current doctor and don’t want a new one, atleast see a different doctor regarding this issue and then continue to see your regular Dr. when needed.

    My mom was having her own set of issues a couple of years ago. It took her three doctors until she found the one that actually listened to her and didn’t think she was making up her symptoms. Turns out she needed surgey.

    Always trust your gut instinct!

  3. debideedog says:

    It doesn’t sound like pcos. Usually women experience periodic and excruciating pain when the cysts rupture or are growing on their ovaries. Also, I’ve found many women with PCOS have facial hair. (Like hairy enough that they have to shave!) You don’t mention that. If anything you could have a touch of endometreosis which could cause more severe menstrual cramps than the average bear.
    Also…your yeast infections and sugar cravings are probably related. Eating a lot of sugar sets alot of people up for yeast infections.
    I think a naturopathic Dr. could help you with dietary changes alone that would dramatically improve your symptoms.

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