How do u get rid of acne?any herbal remedy dat u can use for sensitive skin??

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Question by lfaithl: How do u get rid of acne?any herbal remedy dat u can use for sensitive skin??
i dont usually have alot of acne..but recently alot of acne is startin 2 build up on my face n dont knoe whatz causing it..
i dont noe how to get rid of acne..really need help!
i dont noe how 2 get rid of acne using herbal remedy..
plss help

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Answer by brian s
dont use strong soap it makes it worse. if anything just wash in warm water

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5 Responses to “How do u get rid of acne?any herbal remedy dat u can use for sensitive skin??”
  1. Mongoose says:

    Try Boots facial scrub, its very effective, not herbal though

    and if its really bad

    go see the doctor


  2. Georgina says:

    Aloevera and tea tree gel it costs about £5 in holland and barett or waitrose

  3. jo_ann360 says:

    You’re probably at an age where your hormone levels are causing your skin to break out. Stress also contributes to acne and so does a lack of vitamin A.

    The secret to keeping your face clear is to keep it clean. Black heads often lead to acne so make sure to use aThree Step regimen — “Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize.” It is the basic premise behind products like Proactive.

    You don’t have to get expensive products; Almay and Neutrogena are good brands to start with. Look in your local drugstore. Popular brands will work well. I have really oily skin that’s really prone to blackheads and I find that using a face towel in the shower (when pores are more open) with a mild cleanser helps reduce blackheads. Use some pressure but do not rub so hard that you hurt yourself. This (the face towel tip) was a tip handed down from my grandma to mom (both maintained beautiful skin to their 60’s and 70’s) to me and it really helps. It will take some practice to find out what amount of pressure is right for you (I’ve been known to scrub too hard in the past – heh, heh) but it does work. Then you can continue with the rest of the three-step care after your shower.

    When I’m done with my shower, the toner I use is the generic brand from my drugstore. I apply it with a cotton ball, allow it to dry then apply my moisturizer.

    The secret to using a moisturizer is not using too much. Your skin should absorb the moisturizer a few minutes after you apply it. If you still fill a slippery layer of product on your skin, you’ve used to much. A good rule to follow is use a pea-sized amount (at least, start with that) and dot it onto your face with your fingertip on forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Then spread it onto the rest of your face and neck.

    OK, I know you said you wanted herbal remedies so here are my natural recommendations:

    For a cleanser, use lemon water. Just squeeze a small amount of lemon juice in some water and use this to rinse your face. As a scrub for blackheads, I’ve tried sugar with a bit of water. This works well in the shower or over the sink. Witch hazel works well as a good natural toner and mashed avocado is a good moisturizer (mash it with some lemon juice if you wish, apply it to your face and rinse thoroughly).

    I do encourage you to try drugstore products. They do not have to be expensive to work well and they are so convenient (no slicing, squeezing or mashing).

    Good luck! and get ready to be radiant and beautiful!!

    Never use soap on your face. It is too harsh for facial skin and it leaves a residue that causes blackheads.

  4. luludelilah says:

    i had the same problem i had tried virtually EVERYTHING! then i found this brand “tess” i use it morning and night (cleanse,tone, mosturize) it works AMAZING almost ALL my acne was gone in 1-2 weeks! proactiv and the clean and clear system take like 4-6 to work, and w/ senseitive skin and can irritate it! also, u can use toothpaste or honey or both while u sleep 2 shrink some of them, use cucumbers 2 they are so awsome, pimples are caused by oil and dirt building up on ur face so u need 2 unclog ur pores. i would also use the biore brand. rembr 2 take off any makeup u had on b4 u go 2 bed.

    p.s. i have VERY senseitive skin and the “tess” brand didnt do anything, i saw results after the first use! plus they have YUMMY frangrances! check out the links below 2 find wher 2 buy them!

  5. jpp says:

    do not use strong soap, try to wash your face with warm water after exercise, or try using salt dissolved in warm water (it may not work depending on how bad your acne is)

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