How to make dog feel better from allergies?

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Question by blr275: How to make dog feel better from allergies?
I’ve got a german shepherd who has horrible allergies. He is allergic to most foods, pollens, grasses, and yeast infections of the skin. He is incredibly itchy and will scratch hours into the night, even though he is on a vet prescribed medicine in which he takes 3 pills, 3 times a day and occasionally takes benedryl. And about once a year he gets allergy shots. They help but he can’t get them often because the steroids are dangerous.

He has scratched so much that his back legs are weakened, he has given himself hot spots, and he has removed a lot of his hair (mainly ears and one side, not completely naked just spotting), and he scratches from barely being touched.

We have to wash him about twice a weak (vet orders) to remove the yeast from his skin (we moisturize him also, since bathing removes needed oils from his skin). But he can’t have a lot of the soothing shampoos (he’s allergic to oatmeal). What might help his skin or end some of the iching that we can apply to him? Also, Since his back legs are flimsy now are there any exercises that might help him out? Are there any herbal remedies (drops to mix with water), or anything that has maybe helped your dog?

The dog doesn’t get along with others at all, so exercises can’t really be going to a dog park or anything like that, plus when he is outdoors in grass his scratching gets worse.
He doesn’t have mange. We had the allergies confirmed through a blood test so we have the exact list of what he is allergic to. Here is the list:

Blue grass/June Grass
Orchard Grass
Timothy Grass
Johnson Grass
Box Elder/Maple
Poultry Mix
White Potato

He’s on sentinel flea prevention and doesn’t have fleas or ticks.

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Answer by Native Witch
Benadryl is good but you already knew that. The meds that he is on, is it called Vanectyl-P (small pink tablet), if so, that’s a great med for allergies. Another option which helps for yeast infection is Surolan. This med helps when your dog gets yeast infection or an allergic reaction, which fits perfectly for your dog. Which brand of food is your dog on? There’s MediCal hypoallergenic, but there are others. Your dog may be allergic to corn, soy, wheat or a certain meat. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.


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2 Responses to “How to make dog feel better from allergies?”
  1. ELIZABETH C says:

    First take him to another Vet for a second opinion. Pick a very good teaching Vet hospital, not a local one.
    I don’t agree with some of the suggestions, like washing and moisturizing – that will cause yeast infections or bacterial infections.
    He needs to be checked for these and Parasites that cause mange (there are mites and a worm)
    I have been told more than once that my dog did not have parasites in the fecal exam, but insisted he must, I got medicine and the dog got better on the medication.
    What do you use to prevent fleas and ticks? Is he allergic? silly question…
    I can’t help but think this poor dog is being harmed more than helped and needs to have everything stop. Then start over with better information.
    I sure hope he gets better, poor dog.

  2. annie says:

    here is some information on allergies in dogs from a company called b-naturals

    Lew Olson runs this company and has a PHD in animal nutrition
    you write to her, I know she would be able to help your dog

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