How to take care about our skin??

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Question by geetasha a: How to take care about our skin??
what is meany by exfoliating,moisturising?? explain me all terms used wen taking care of our skin n how do we do it?? i usually burst out into pimples n dats leaves scare how can i get rid of them before 2nd december koz i’ve 2 attend a wedding!! wat type my skin is? the nose n cheekszones are often oily n wat types of products shud i use for my skin…. suggest me some herbal products if possible n some home remedies also to have a healthy and glowing skin…..

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Answer by linrod
you need a combination skin cleanser and moisturizer,go to the clinique counter they have good products there hypoallergenic and they can answer your questions,also proactiv is good not exfoliate anymore until after the wedding.

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  1. solidergurl says:

    a lot of ppl use proactiv. i found this product calld ambi to work much better. it has the facial soap and the skin fading cream. my face feels much cleaner and i could tell how the spots started fading. you can go to or to get the products

  2. rodidi says:

    bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. S.Jesinth V says:

    Drink lot of water, eat fruits and carrot juice.

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