How to use Herbal skin care remedies

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herbal skin remedy
by beautifulcataya

How to use Herbal skin care remedies

Article by William k.

For all of us who like keeping our skin healthy and beautiful using herbal skin care remedies, then the choice is so wide as to leave one confused. For those who live in the countryside, there are many readily available herbs and one can easily make their own herbal skin care remedies by collecting and preparing these herbs in various ways.

For those who live in towns and cities or do not want to be bothered with the collection and formulation of their own herbal cures, there are readily available formulations which can be purchased from herbal treatment companies and get the same benefits of using natural cures for treating or conditioning their skin.

If you favour buying ready made skin herbal remedies, you first need to understand the exact herb that should be part of the ingredients that make up the remedy,how it works and its benefits before you buy a particular product. This way, you are sure that you are using a preferred herb just like if you collected and prepared it your self.

If you prefer to make your own herbal skin cures, start by understanding and being able to identify the plants that are suitable for use for your indented purpose. Then learn how they are supposed to be prepared and applied or used. This is important because although herbal medicine is rarely harmful, some plants are poisonous when used in the wrong way or when the wrong part is used.

There are many plants that can be used in herbal medicine for the skin. The most common that you will find as ingredients of ready made herbal skin care solutions are such as:

Aloe– Used for skin conditions such as stretch marks, psoriasis, enhancing beauty, revitalising the skin, regenerating the skin, soothing the skin and helping heal wound among others. Aloe is usually bought ready made as pills, in creams and ointments, lotions and when prepared at home in the form of Gels, Juices, compresses which are either applied on the skin or taken as juice.Avocado-Usually used in hair and skin beauty products, helps reduce hair loss, make hair soft and eliminates dandruff. It is usually found in lotions. People pulp avocado and apply it directly on the skin to improve their beauty.The prickly pear soothes the skin and reduces skin irritations when used as poultices of the fleshy leaves,Lemon tree whoe juices are used for dandruff and hair beauty among others.

pharmacologically manufactured herbal skin care remedies will have ingredients from some of the herbal plants like the ones listed above on their labels or catalogue and this helps choose the right herbal medicine for the purpose you intent to use it for.

Last word, herbs are medicine and medicine can be harmful if not used responsibly. Buy only reputable Natural products and if you want to prepare your own, learn how to do it properly first.

This writer is a beliver in ethical and responsible use of skin care products and believes that the skin is the biggest beauty asset a person has and should be taken care of with seriousness. More information can be found at

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