I am looking for recommendations on face care products.?

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Question by IrishEyes: I am looking for recommendations on face care products.?
The skin on my face is starting to look dull and I would like to get a more lustre look – does anyone have any suggestions for products or herbal remedies????

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Answer by Sabine
how about using a cleanser with microbeads to scrub off dull surface cells? most drugstores carry good brands like neutrogena or olay or biore. just make sure to moisturize afterwards.

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7 Responses to “I am looking for recommendations on face care products.?”
  1. Mightymo says:

    You need to exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin.
    Oil of Olay has a terrific products out, its heats when you put it on a wet face, It’s awesome, it polishes your face and it just shines after wards, finish off with the matching moisturizer and you’re gorgeous!

  2. schoolot says:

    St. Ives makes a very nice face scrub that gets rid of the dead cells that are making your skin look dull.

  3. melon_rose says:

    Natural exfoliant: Apple Cider Vinegar — http://makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemID=52238/Bragg's_Apple_Cider_Vinegar/Unlisted_Brand/Toners/

    Manufactured exfoliant: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Facial Lotion — http://makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemID=7438/Healthy_Skin_Facial_Lotion/Neutrogena/Moisturizers/

    seriously, click on those links to see the rave reviews. and i use the Apple Cider Vinegar myself. =)

  4. Brenda T says:

    You need a good exfoliant to cure the dullness. A great remedy is brown sugar or white sugar. The graininess of its substance will lift up the dead skin cells that are causing the lack of lustre.

    Follow up with a non-detergent face wash. Many facial cleansers are too harsh for the skin, causing an imbalance of ph and natural oils. This leads to a lack of lustre as well as premature wrinkles. You may be surprised to know that an otc bar called “PURPOSE” is one of the only non detergent, hypo-allergenic facial cleansers on the market.

    Don’t forget a daily moisterizer with at least 15 SPF. If you hate the heaviness of moisterizers, get an oil free one. The uva-uvb rays in the sun are terrible for your skin. Even on a cloudy day, wear your facial spf.

  5. gemini says:

    Try home microdermabrasion kit, it will exfoliate all dead skin cells http://www.marykay.com/s_azad/skincare/antiaging/timewisemicrodermabrasionset/default.aspx

  6. nltinstl says:

    it depends on your age and skin type. your best bet would be to set up a free consultation with an esthetician at serveral of your local day spa’s. have them eval your skin and inform you or their product lines, you don’t have to buy anthing until you have decided which would be best for you and what will fit into you budget. I fyour budget is small see if they have starter kits, if not then build up a few peices at a time. your first purchase should be a wash and moisturizer, then a scub and exfoliant, then mask,night moisturizer and then any eye creams if needed.
    i hope that this helps you out.

  7. teeney says:

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