I have acne, its not really bad, it just wont go away and i have tried everything, any ideas?

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Question by bekers: I have acne, its not really bad, it just wont go away and i have tried everything, any ideas?
im 16 and i have oily skin with whiteheads and blackheads. i have tried proactiv, scrubs, masks, cleansers, home and herbal remedies pretty much everything. i eat healthy and drink a good bit of water everyday. i need to find something inexpensive that wont dry my skin out.

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Answer by a cutie n va
I had the same problem when i was that age. there is a facial scrub at most walmarts that you put on, leave on approx 15mins, and wash off. it exfoliates your skin. try it. make sure you keep your hair out of your face, and your hands off your face. try not to use soap on your face, unless its a facial soap.

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  1. JJ says:

    Well…I’m like you…I have acne, but it’s not serious at all. What I use is called OXY and you can buy it from any department store, I bought mine from Wal Mart. Actually…ProActiv and OXY and many other acne creams all have the same ingredients in them. But anyways, if you REAAAALLY want to lose your acne, then you’ve got to slow down your soda drinking…say two a week and that’s all! You have to use the acne pads and creams religiously and don’t skip a day. I hope this helps!! 🙂

  2. mkelly1029 says:

    try using dial soap and warm water to open up your pores. Afterwards try using a light moisturizer. stay clear of the store brand acne products they all contain the same active ingredients; Benzyl Peroxide, it is just a drying agent and can do more harm than good. Also try switching your diet. No fried foods, because your diet influences the appearance of your skin. Take vitamins and do a colon cleanse 1x a week. eat a lot of veggies.
    Hope this helps.

  3. redcupprettyfan says:

    tea tree!
    any products with tea tree oil (facewash, those little cleanser pad things…) will definitely help. my face hasn’t broken out in over a year since i’ve started using it.
    you can find them at natural food stores, i would suggest.
    also, there’s this stuff called “zinc cream for problem skin” and it works wonders. it’s a tinted cream, so you can wear it alone or under makeup or lotion. the company that makes it is called Margarite Cosmetics…its about $ 12 for a tube that lasts a while. I also found this at a natural food store, but i’m sure you can get it online.
    hope this helps.

  4. kizzle_11 says:

    If you have the option, go to a dermatologist. Over the counter acne fighters are basically made for people with really mild acne. Proactiv is so not good, it was hell on my skin.
    If your skin is oily, I would check out various topical acne gels on the Internet (you want a gel NOT A CREAM, a cream will make your skin more oily feeling), such as Differen. I am trying to get a perscription for Differen myself. Then go to a derma and tell them ALL of the products you have tried, and if you can remember, the effects they have had on your skin. Be adamant about getting something stronger than store bought, and try to avoid oral medications, such as Accutane, if you can. Just remember, you have stick with whatever the derma gives you for at least a month. Most perscriptions make your acne worse before it gets better. Differen will make it worse before it gets better. It sucks at first, but then your skin should get better. Plus, Differen has anti-wrinkle properties, which is always nice. Good Luck.

  5. phylo pedant says:

    I like “Paula’s Choice” website because it explains the source of acne from hormones and is complete in its steps. The steps are:
    “1. Reduce oil to eliminate the environment that acne-causing bacteria thrive in.
    2. Exfoliate the skin’s surface and within the pore to improve the shape and function of the pore.
    3. Disinfect the skin to eliminate acne-causing bacteria.
    Benzoyl peroxide* is considered the most effective over-the-counter choice for a topical disinfectant to fight blemishes (Source: Skin Pharmacology and Applied Skin Physiology”

  6. baby BELLA says:

    I’m just like you also. Try going to a dermatologist, because they know what they’re doing. Exercise more. Drink more water. Eat a balanced diet of veggies, lean meats, and fruits because your diet is everything.

  7. Nina says:

    Hi, I’m 30 and have struggled w/ mild acne since I was in my teens. I’ve tried it all and really liked some products but the ones that worked always seemed to really dry out my skin. I’ve found that the Mary Kay acne treatment gel works best for me, it clears my blemishes and doesn’t dry out my skin at all; It’s not very expensive either.

  8. softer,softest says:

    birth control pills. something like ortho-tricylin. a low dose of them will make your acne clear up..positvely! it will also give you a extra bonus of a lighter period!

  9. kisan says:

    Aloe vera pulp is useful for the skin or use a ready made aloe vera gel .More remedies at the link below.

  10. minnie says:

    use oxy pads found at walgreens and target.

  11. william m says:

    Check out this site:


    Hope it helps…

  12. Violet says:

    Sounds like you need to go see a doctor hun. Sorry. Good luck with that. You can also ask on http://www.webmd.com They give good advice there.

  13. lynnie says:

    unfortunately hun if you can’t find anything then you’re just gonna have to wait it out, everybody grows out of it and we have all learned to live with it. Don’t fret if you can’t find anything, just be patient.

  14. bhebhang says:

    it depends on your skin. i also has your prob and i ent to the docotr and he gave me prescription. its a bar soap ‘NOBACTER’ and a skin toner ‘SARA 25’ it’s really good. try it. i’m not sure with the price.

  15. Steven L says:

    Try going to a dermatologist they’ll set you up with the right meds to cure it unless it’s like a friend of mine who was just allergic to milk so he watches his milk intake now and he’s acne free

  16. wombatwaz says:

    from personal experience one other thing you can try, besides the normals of eating right and washng often, is changing your sheets and pillowcases every day. I know this sounds wierd but it is what made the difference for me. THink about it, you go to bed lay your oily head on your pillow for 6 to 10 hrs and then come back the next day and do it again. Just think of all the oil and dust you are putting your face back into. Hope this helps

  17. onlymatch4u says:

    Acne is caused by a bacteria in the intestines. The type of oils you eat contribute heavily to this problem. The skin acts like a third kidney and especially when you are young and going through puberty the onca genes turn on and cause growth spurts. To really solve the problem you need to clean up the intestines and get rid of the bacteria that is causing the problem, change your diet, as well as eliminate chemicals that harm the skin.

    The bacteria that cause the problem are not easy to get rid of, but once you do, you will find the acne goes away.

    I would eliminate all soft drinks (i’m not sure why they call them soft — there’s nothing soft about them; they are very harsh on your system). Soft drinks like coca cola lower your internal body pH. Cokes have a pH of about 2.8 and this inhibits your immune system for over 3 hours after drinking just one.

    There is a product called Allicin that is the substance in garlic that is a very powerful killer of bacteria. The best source I’ve found for this is at: http://www.healthline.cc It is very pure and very effective. Do not buy Allicin in pill form from anywhere because pills contain magnesium stearate that is a hydrogenated oil and this inhibits the absorption of the Allicin and also inhibits your immune system. The healthline source has no toxic tagalongs like typical pills or gelatine capsules.

    Now for the oils. You need to totally eliminate any SOY or Canola oils from your diet. These are very toxic to the body in many ways. The omega 6 fatty acids found in these and many other oils are inflammatory to the body. We need only to eat very few of these, but Americans eat huge amounts of these. Things like chips are very high in these oils. There are good oils you can eat, but totally eliminate all the other oils and foods that contain these high omega 6 fatty acids. Commercial beef is high in omega 6 fatty acids. Eat only beef from Grass Fed cows! Grass fed cows are very high in omega 3 fatty acids that are very good for you and help your skin. Omega 3 fatty acids are ANTI-inflammatory.

    If you see products that say, “vegetable oils” do not buy them or eat them. They are usually genetically modified soy or canola high in omega 6 fatty acids that will feed the acne.

    Olive oils, avocado oils, palm oil, or coconut oils are a few that are very good for you as long as they are not hydrogenated. Even a little of the bad oils will do great harm in regards to acne.
    I would also avoid Chlorine like the plague. Chlorine and flourine destroys the good bacteria in your intestines. This is found in typical tap water. You may want to get a Chlorine filter for your shower as well because a hot shower in chlorinated water is really bad for your skin. All the garbage in the water gets into your system easily because the hot water opens your pours and if your soap contains laurel sulfate, you get a double whammy!

    I would also purchase the probiotic from the healthline company as well. It is very, very good and really works. This will help replace the bad bacteria with good and this will also help greatly.

    Good luck to you.

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