Is there a good and safe herbal remedy for growing a dog’s fur back who is allergic to fleas?

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Question by Katie H: Is there a good and safe herbal remedy for growing a dog’s fur back who is allergic to fleas?
My dog is a Shar-pai lab mix and he’s one. He’s allegic to fleas and chews on his fur enough that half of his body has fur, half of his body (back part) doesn’t, it’s all skin and some fur. I can’t afford Frontline Plus all the time and some of the stuff I’ve heard about is really expensive. Are there some herbal or cheap and safe remedies for helping my baby? I feel so bad for him!

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No, there are no “cheap” remedies or treatments for this. The dog needs to be on FLEA PREVENTATIVE! There is no getting around that – You have to treat the CAUSE before you see any improvements.

Some places will just sell a single Frontline tube, that may make all the difference, and you won’t have to pay $ 70+ for a full box. Or, you can get an oral Comfortis, which costs about $ 20 for a single.

There’s nothing you can do about the hair growth unless you treat the fleas. It will never clear up if the fleas don’t go away.

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  1. marci knows best says:

    Buy one of the monthly flea products. Just find the money, part of responsible dog ownership. If herbal remedies worked, don’t you think we’d all be using them? We aren’t! We are just grateful; for products like FrontLine, Advantix and Revolution. Order them online and it is much cheaper.

  2. Diana says:

    YES! Vitamin B helps prevent fleas and ticks and a Vitamin E capsule in his food every couple of days will get that hair growing and shiny. Both of these were recommended by my Vet and they DO work!

  3. Stephanie Zamazing says:

    ohh poor thing.
    well it seems you dont have tns of mone but a higher quality food would help. m chi has skin problems….he gets purina pro plan sesitive skin….about 30 bucks for 40 pounds. it helps alot.
    for the actual bald spots where hes itchy i have hot spot spray…about 6 bucks at petsmart. i spray it on him 2 or 3 times a day. when he gets really itchy. thatll help you.

    are you sure its fleas hes allergic to?

    and YES there is a way to keep fleas away!
    giveyour dog a clove of garlic once a day.
    wrks for me.
    flea meds are a waste of money anyways.

  4. Nikki R says:

    I can relate to your problem, I have a Shiba-Inu, Snowball, who looks kinda like a small husky, so he has this really thick double coated fur. So you can imagine how horrendous his fleas get. I live in the mid-west, so fleas are pretty much a guarntee unless you treat your pets spring thru fall. If we don’t treat him every month like clock work, the fleas return and then he too chews his butt raw with a huge bald spot on his back.

    We used to take him to the vet for allergy shots when it got so bad, but we changed vets (long story) and our new vet advised us to use a regular benadryl for the itching. I was kinda skeptical at first; I’m a nurse, so I know the sedative effects it can have on human adults, let alone a 40# dog. But, lo and behold, it worked. Shorty after Snowball quite itching, his hair grew back in just fine on its own.

    Keep in mind also, that we have to medicate him every month though. I can’t remember the name of the pills, but we get them from my vet for 13.00 a pill. A friend of mine said you can buy them cheaper at a farm supply store, and I imagine online as well, for cheaper–but then you have to buy a box, which is usually a 3 month supply. I find that the pills work best, for Snowball at least, because his fur is so thick that half the application ends up in his fur, rather than his skin.

    Shar-pais I believe are a shorter hair dog if I remember correctly, and if his skin is like my Pit-bull/lab mixed dogs, his skin might be a little dry as well. Try adding a little bit of olive or canola oil to their food.

    Hope this helps.

    *note that I only give the benadryl when Snowball is scratching at his skin. Once the fleas are dead and he quits scratching, he’s good. Also remember to treat your house to make sure you get rid of ALL the fleas.

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