is there any herbal or home remedy for local skin infection???

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herbal skin remedy
by BlueRidgeKitties

Question by lemon_starfish: is there any herbal or home remedy for local skin infection???

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Answer by shawniewap
tea tree oil (also called melaleuca oil) found at your local health food store

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7 Responses to “is there any herbal or home remedy for local skin infection???”
  1. sxymanwithcam says:

    coconut oil may be very effective

  2. cisco_cantu says:

    Aloe Vera is good for most skin and minor wound problems, it’s a natural anti-biotic. Just get a plant of Aloe-vera, break a leaf off slice it open and rub the goo inside the leave onto the infected area. Cover with guase and let it sit for an hour, then remove gause and wash the remaining goo off. Continue every 12-24 hrs. or untill the infection subsides

  3. fungirl says:

    Burt’s bees res q ointment its great!!! smells good too. all natural and you could technically eat it too.

  4. thornrez1 says:

    This is something that I found out reading Dr. Christopher’s book (School of Natural Healing) If the infection is oozing-go outside and pick you some fresh plantain leaves, smush them up and put it directly on the infected area and cover with a band-aid (change and apply more when dried). The plantain acts as a “drawer” and will pull the infection out. When it starts to heal pick you some fresh comfrey leaves and put on the area and cover with a band-aid (change the dressing as needed). The comfrey regenerates your skin cells.

  5. Chocolat says:

    Nothing works better for infections than neem juice. apply it, drink it – it works wonders. It works on infections other than acne too. Basil is a close second. Make a paste of some leaves and apply it on the infection for cooling and antiseptic effect. In my country, when someone gets chickenpox or measles, neem and basil leaves are used to combat it along with other medicine – they can be added to bath water, ground and applied on skin and their juice helps flush out toxins and heat.

  6. histone2005 says:

    If this is serious infection then u should consider antibiotics.
    For minor cuts and injuries i personally use garlic oil (however it stinks!!!! )

  7. snnhmltn says:

    Fresh ALOE VERA from your garden (if u have any) or someone elses garden, use the gel inside (thats the home remedy) as for herbal, tea tree oil, from your health food shop or supermarket, use it straight just dab it on with cottonballs, may sting a little.

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