!!!!!itchy skin dogs!!!!!

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Question by vw: !!!!!itchy skin dogs!!!!!
My dog has itchiest skin in the world! He is a 5 yr. old havenese (like havanna), he is going to ich himself to death. But the thing is he DOES NOT have FLEAS. We have tryed everything to stop/control his iching but nothing works!!! If it is a skin condition what type of medicine could we use to stop his mad iching. Or even a herbal remedy. HE has short hair.

!!!!!!PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

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Answer by Sydney T
Many dogs today suffer from itchy skin caused by a variety of factors. Dogs actually have more sensitive skin than humans, and are often exposed to a variety of irritants in their environment. These grooming tips may help alleviate your dog’s constant itching.

Brushing your dog daily will remove pollens, grasses, and other outdoor irritants as well as stimulating the skin’s circulation and preventing matting. Brush carefully and down to the skin, taking care not to tug on tangles, and using a soft bristle brush on sensitive areas.

Bathing should also be done on a monthly basis, following a thorough brushing. Use a natural, low lather, low irritant shampoo, wet your dog down thoroughly with lukewarm water, and apply the shampoo using your hands. Avoid getting water or shampoo in his eyes and ears, and lather all over, right down to his skin, then rinse thoroughly. Shampoo residue is a major cause of skin irritation for dogs. After rinsing, towel dry your dog, and avoid using any coat finishers or blow dryers, which can also cause skin irritation in a sensitive dog.

Grooming is essential for a dog’s skin health, helps you identify skin problems early on, and is a great way for you to bond with your dog as well!

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  1. Sabrina (CubbyMama) says:

    My friend’s vet suggested giving his dog a fish oil pill to help with skin issues, but since you don’t know yet what is causing it, it might just be best to get him checked out at the vet to be safe. My little guy has bad skin allergies and we went through tons of stuff (changing his food, oatmeal baths, benadryl, etc. etc. etc.) until it finally came down to us having to give him a tiny amount of prednisone every other day to help him. While I’m not fond of giving him steriods, it was the only thing that helped. I think it best to get him checked out first to see what’s causing it.

    Good luck to you!

  2. hrlygrl1107 says:

    It sounds like your dog has a skin allergy. My dog was sensitive to grass. I would recommend you take your dog to the vet. They have different shots and antibiotics. Some shots can be giving anywhere from one month to a year. It helps alot and the dog dosn’t have to be misserable.

  3. ridoutgirl says:

    I have a havanese too! It’s common for dogs to have itchy skin because they have more sensitive skin than humans. Brushing your dog every day to rid its coat of irritants will help, but you may want to look into what kind of food your dog eats. The food my dog eats is a special food with avocado in it that helps nurish his skin. You may want to ask about soemthing like this at your local Petco. Good luck!

  4. angelic_intention says:

    Have you had your baby allergy tested? It is spendy – but SO helpful! By trial and error – I determined my itchy dog was allergic to wheat, beef, corn, soy and rice! Fun huh? lol I am now fedding him Natural Balance’s Sweet Potato & Venison and we will see how that goes.

    Also – is this a “new” thing? It could be something as simple as he is allergic to the new kind of laundry detergent/fabric softner you use. Did you add a new baby to your family recently? Some dogs are allergic to cats…

    The best thing I have found to relive the “hot spots” is this spray on medicine that I buy at Petco – if you go in and talk to them – they should be able to point you in the right direction!

  5. Yo LO! LaLaLaLaLa says:

    Itchy skin usually means either a food or enviornmental allergy.

    Talk to your Vet and have the dog tested.

    It could be as simple as switching to an “All Free” (Free of perfumes and dyes) laundry detergent.

  6. Joe S says:

    This is very common issue with dogs, and usually the source is the food. If it has corn or wheat in it, buy a new food. Get a food with Fish Oil in it, or buy fish oil capsules and break them open and put them in your dogs food. Basically any food that says something about skin improvement is good, but make sure it doesn’t have corn or wheat in it. Donate your remaining food to a shelter, as they’ll be happy to finish it for you! 🙂

    Also, if the food switch doesn’t help, buy him Clairitin. The same stuff that people use for their allergies. (Not claritin d, benedryl, or zyrtec. Name brand or Generic Claritin is good.) And take your dog to a professional groomer and tell them about his skin issues, and request an oatmeal or medicated bath. This will soothe his skin.

    If everything above doesn’t help, consult your vet.

  7. maddie r says:

    itchy skin could also be caused by not getting all the shampoo out. one of my dogs was allergic to grass and i found what helped her was oatmeal baths. sometimes it can be washing them to often, makes ther skin dry so they itch. if that doesnt work id go to your vet. also grooming is REALLY helpful.

  8. Gretchen M says:

    My dog (Wheaton/Poodle mix) also has itchy skin. I will write more about his issues in another question. However, I want to ask Joe S who answered here – how much Claritin??? My vet suggested Zyrtec but she kept changing the dose so I don’t trust her. I am willing to try Claritin! How much, how often?

  9. TERRY L S says:

    Since this is what I deal with all day long, I can tell you this – it would do you well to consider that your dog has a condition INSIDE his body that is causing the mess on the outside of his body. This just happens to be the most common problem with dogs – and the only thing your vet (and other well-meaning people) can tell you is, “your dog probably has allergies”. The problems will continue to worsen over the years (especially with use of antibiotics). If you want to get the problem solved, you’ll want to get to the source of the problem. Note the referenced web location – to begin your journey to knowledge, and wellness for your dog. Mr. T

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