Koreans, what do you use?

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Question by Carebear: Koreans, what do you use?
I wanted to know what facial creams you use. I have noticed that many Korean’s facial skin is very clear and spotless. Can you please recommend any good facial creams for dark spots and dark circles? Any cream that is made of natural ingredients compare to artificial. Do you guys use any herbal remedy for clear/fresh face? Can I get the cream at any local Korean stores in US?

Thank you very much

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Answer by im sean
its there face, trust me, if you have freckles someone will think its cute! i mean ashton kuthcer like the dimples near the lip? omg! stop worrying about it!

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5 Responses to “Koreans, what do you use?”
  1. pinky_days says:

    It is not the facial cream they use but also their healthy diet in eating vegetable and bland foods that result them to having flawless skin. It the food they eat. The facial product they use is only secondary.

  2. slappy says:

    I’m half Korean and I just came across a product like that I believe is absolutely great! It’s call Arbonne and all their products are made in Switzerland and use absolutely no animal by-products. Did you know that mascara contains guano (bat feces) and that more than likely you’ll find oils and fats from animals in most of your make up. Gross, huh? So, it’s not really a “korean” thing…just some good, clean products.

  3. gypsy_sabine says:

    It comes from a healthy diet and not eating so much crap and junk.

  4. Mark G says:

    Ok, this is all genetics and diet. Many Asians have this trait, and their culture also carries along a diet that generally isn’t heavy in the foods found in North America and Europe.

  5. danielle r says:

    i recommend the dead sea eye gel, works amazing

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