large pores and herbal treatments?

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herbal skin remedy
by wallygrom

Question by : large pores and herbal treatments?
I was unlucky enough to get the fairest of the fair skin because I’m paper white, blue eyes & freckles.. yet I also have some skin problems that stand out so much more than they should because of my skin tone.. I have a problem with large (clogged) pores ALL OVER MY FACE as in covering my entire nose, forehead & between my eyebrows, cheek area closest to the sides of my nose, around my lips and all over my chin.. I’ve tried everything, masks, blackhead strips, steam treatments w/ and w/o chamomile, cleansers, exfoliaters, proactiv, mary kay… nothing seems to work. I went as far as going to see a dermatologist and he wanted to rush me in and out so fast, he didn’t even take the time to hear me out.. I got out “I have some discoloration in my face and I have large pores that…..” before he cut me off by yelling at his nurse to write down some prescriptions and sending me out the door with them (They were Tretinoin Cream, USP 0.025% & Fluocinonide for discoloration) I feel like the tretinoin would work if my pores were not clogged but I don’t know anything and can’t find anything on the fluocinonide.. well anyway, I’m supposed to put one on twice a day and the other once a day before bedtime.. my problem is that 1, these aren’t working and 2, all this lotion applied to my face on top of washing my face twice day is stressing my skin out and drying it out and making it so sensitive to the sun that I can feel it 🙁 another thing is that I tend to get splotchy skin when my skin is out of its comfort zone or temp, especially on my arms I see little tiny red dots and surrounding those is a yellowish pale area and theres about 100 on each arm giving it a splotchy look, my legs are different though they just get very pale much more pale than me and get blue purple and red splotches on them.. ANOTHER thing is that my skin is very sensitive to shaving, esp is the bikini area, i have dry spots on my upper arms, mild acne all over my body, discoloration on my face and chest, broken capillaries on my face – like 10 or so, and on top of everything I’m only 18 🙁 can you please help and tell me some advice, any advice is appreciated.. I just feel like my skin is aging fast or something.. some of my pores are so big they are joining with neighboring pores and making huge ones….like i said Ive tried allot of over the counter things and my prescriptions… please tell me some way to help at least one of these problems but Im mostly concerned about the large clogged pores that wont seem to get unclogged, keep in mind that Im very fair skinned therefore my skin is sensitive to allot of things… advice about herbal remedies or food would be most appreciated because I really dislike medications but if that’s the only thing that will help I will accept it.

please help because I’ve had clogged pores ever since I was very young.. my grandmas would dig into the sides of my nose with their long fingernails so I would get into my moms makeup to hide them so i wouldnt get torchered…i’ve been wearing different kinds of base since I was in 3rd I havent worn makeup in over 6 months to try to make my skin better but nothings changed except for me not leaving my house 🙁

thankyou for reading.
thankyou so much! I will give all of these ideas a try!
– for the green tea toner, do I just brew some green tea and put it on my face or what? and if so, should it warm of cold?

and another thing I fall into the pale skin/dark hair category so my hair follicles show after I shave, how can I reduce this?

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Answer by Bill
You can use green tea to reduce large pores. I use green tea as a toner every morning and I love it! You can also make ice facials by mixing green tea with vitamin E. Here is a link to how to make the ice facial. Hope it helps! 🙂

Oh and I am a girl. I am just using my brother’s yahoo account. xD

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  1. wadded_up_love_note says:

    Estee Lauder has this awesome thing for your pores called “perfectionist,” it fixed my gaping pores on my nose and cheeks. Antioxidant creams are fantastic, too, for splotch control. A gentle cleanser might be better than many of the things you’ve been trying (Bar soap does good things). Apples and coconut oil are great not only for eating/drinking but also sticking in a blender with plain yogurt & honey and using as a bodywash/ body mask. Jergens lotion on arms and legs, sea salt baths for body acne. Razor bumps can be tricky. Rinsing your razor in alcohol beforehand, and use coconut oil as shaving cream AND a sort of after-shave. Also, a change in razors may help. I use Schick Intuition with the soothing moisture heads, and it really helps. Rose oil may help your capillaries, along with daily vitamin C. Wish you good luck in this, sounds like you need to demand more time with the dermatologist.

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