Lighter skin?

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Question by Żαħѓą: Lighter skin?
hey, i have asian, tanned skin, but im looking for a way to lighten my skin tone, because i feel it is too dark for me. i only want a few shades lighter, nothing drastic, but still more fair. are there any safe ways, herbal/ home remedies, or skin products available in UK shops that will help me and also make my skin look radiant? any other tips on diet etc.? please send me links to websites about skin lightening if u no any. i dont want to buy anything from online by the way. please help me =) thanx everyone! xxx

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Answer by Sudheshna M

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4 Responses to “Lighter skin?”
  1. kris k says:

    dont try it yourself go to a dermatologist

  2. hibah says:

    baby powder

  3. cult of elmo says:

    papaya soap + Sunblock with UVA protection + hat + light powder
    should do the trick

  4. justflawless says:

    the source, whether online or offline stores, does not matter as long as it sells the right products that will work for your skin.. as for me, only this source for safe and potent skin lighteners got my vote –

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