my dog has a terrible reoccurring skin rash, any herbal remedies or diagnosis?

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herbal skin remedy
by Steve Guttman NYC

Question by jessnluna: my dog has a terrible reoccurring skin rash, any herbal remedies or diagnosis?
hi. my pitt bull is almost two years old and has always had some skin problems, pretty consistently. she is constantly scratching. has had ear infections etc. i paid $ 800 for an allergy test and changed her food/treats and it has not gotten any better. recently they are like blisters, rashes, she is shedding much more. i feel as though she is miserable! the skin between her toes is red without hair and the vet just gives me cream(that she licks off) and benadryl. that is treating symptoms and making her sleepy but not a solution to the problem. please help!
p.s. only experienced members answer please(vet techs, breeders) i have plenty of experience with dogs and cant put my finger on this one. its not sarcoptic mange or anything like that

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Answer by amethyst_dragon69
Ask your vet about Hydroxyzine, and Atopica.

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3 Responses to “my dog has a terrible reoccurring skin rash, any herbal remedies or diagnosis?”
  1. Jasmin says:

    we always used skin so soft from Avon. Seemed to help with the skin problems.

  2. Erica says:

    I would recommend seeking a different vet. Pit bulls are prone to skin issues, as I’m sure you know, but it doesn’t sound as if your current vet is all that concerned. It could be a skin infection, an allergy to something in the environment, a flea allergy, or other type of skin mite aside from mange. I would highly recommend seeking a second opinion, as what your current vet is doing obviously isn’t doing her any good.

    My pit/lab cross also has skin issues, especially during the summer. He has allergies to fleas, certain foods, certain shampoos, topical flea treatments, and his fur also holds in more moisture then his skin can handle. If he’s not properly treated, he ends up looking like he has mange. We treat him by multiple baths with a shampoo with oatmeal, and by keeping his fur trimmed to almost completely shaved during the summer, but I’m not so sure that would help with your case.

  3. River says:

    I have a pittie who also suffered from skin rashes and yeast ear infections. Cleared it with Dermacton and itchy Ear drops from the same company. Some pitties just seem prone to these problems.

    Hope your dogs get the relief mine did from these products – she is like a different dog, much happier and less cranky. It was hard to live with her always scratching and biting herself.

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