my skin is very oily due to tht i get acne after applying makeup plzz suggest me by sum herbal remedy t get ri

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Question by tasha: my skin is very oily due to tht i get acne after applying makeup plzz suggest me by sum herbal remedy t get ri
of my oily skin and which foundation should i use i’m extremly fair which colour will suite me and which kind of lipstick will suit me??

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Answer by christina R
Witch hazel and grapefruit juice for the acne

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11 Responses to “my skin is very oily due to tht i get acne after applying makeup plzz suggest me by sum herbal remedy t get ri”
  1. AmberJ says:

    drink dandelion tea for acne, and use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation; it goes on really lightly

  2. SHOPPiNG iS MY ANTi-DRUG says:

    carry arounf oil blotting sheets. go natural and try berrys/plums colors

  3. Hypnotiq says:

    the Republic of Tea sells an herbal tea called Get Gorgeous that has antioxidants to help acne-prone skin…and its really good! also proactiv solution helps a lot its the best/most powerful stuff out there…its just really expensive

  4. jennifercaluori says:

    you should use products containing tea tree oil. very good for oily skin and as for lipstick im fair too and i use lipsticks that have
    bluish tones to them ,its a nice contrast to your skin and makes
    you teeth appear xtra white

  5. Mollerina says:

    you shuld prolly apply compact translucent powder on over your foundation. it’ll help make up stay in place and absorb some of the oil your skin lets out.

    i use it and it helps a lot in this georgia heat.
    i also have acne probs too.

    also, look for it in stores.
    there’s stuff thats white when you squirt it out
    but it turns to the color of your skin upon application.
    works great!

  6. jeannes85 says:

    based on ur description, i dont think ur using the right makeup for u. do u use liquid or cream? those are really bad for break out prone skin. I would suggest to get BareMinerals. Its a great makeup, powder. I use it and i used to break out ALOT from liquid or cream foundations but after i started using BareMinerals, its cleared up. Theres more info about it if u search for BareMinerals on yahooAnswers, and u can get it at sephora

  7. MamaBear says:

    why does everyone always blame the makeup?
    first off, the acne: tea tree oil. Smells like bum, I know, but it works overnight. If the smell is too over powering, add a drop of lavander oil.

    As for the oiliness, the only way makeup aggravates it is if you have a poor skin care routine. Make sure every night you’re using a good cleanser (which can be really cheap… Shoppers Drug Mart has a good $ 4 one). Don’t use a cream; you’ll need a gel cleanser to cut the oil. Now exfoliate (use a gel with the little beads every day, and a 99cent clay mask once a week to keep the oil under control). Then use a toner or astringent. This will rebalance the pH of your skin before it goes into over drive and starts producing more oil (sebum) to compensate. Also, since oily skin= large pores, an alcohol based astringent will temporarily shrink your pores.. yaay! Then don’t forget to moisturize.

    It sounds like a lot, but get into the routine, and its a mindless 5 minute task before bed.

  8. heath s says:

    scramble a egg and lightly brush it on your face, let dry and stay on for 30 minutes, the protien is very good for your skin, this will help dry up acne and also help your oily skin, just rinse it off and pat dry

  9. Danielle H says:

    Don’t use makeup smarty!

  10. lilsweetdevil says:

    i have acne skin too so i know pure from maybeliine is relly good makeup beacoz it doesn’t have oil in it it has water and i used it and it deosn’t clog pores (and i had pimples so i know)it really works that the best makeup for acne skin unless htye cumup with abetter makeup and for how to get rid of acne well there is no offical way but u should try biore shine-free toner it gets rid of ur oil and wash ur face twice a day with cold cold water and i heard that if u use toothpaste it dries out ur pimples i hvae never tried it but people say it dris ur pimples and itgoes away faster and use a icecube and rub it all over ur face at night this helps make them samller and if u know anyother way or have tried someother way that helped ur acne so please answer my “acne probleme” question it’s the lastes one i asked so if u know anyother way that could help plz do repond to the question

  11. LT says:

    hello tasha! (we have the same name)

    there is a facial bar soap called pan Oxyl bar (bout 7.00 dollars)
    so worth it! it helps with the oil u should only use this about 2-3 times a week! Sold at rite aid drug stores or check on line for stores that sell it in your area! 2nd after washing your face u ALWAYS want to put moisturizer on it (I know it makes no sense)but if you dont then your sabaceous glands begin to produce more oil to replace what u just washed off! get a moisturizer that is for oily skin!!!! And this works! I have the same problem developed bad acne in late 20’s now im 34 and my skin i so clear! but try the soap! wash your face 2 a day morn. and nite! As far as a foundation try MAC. I use alot of their make-up. I dont like their skincare line. it’s a fun color line. I hope this helps Good luck. plus I’m a make up artist I free lance alot

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