Numbing for skin?

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Question by : Numbing for skin?
I do electrolysis and i never use any numbing cream/shot for my skin. i was just wondering if anyone knew anything that:
1. works well to numb the skin
2. doesn’t cost too much
3. wont make me sleepy afterwards

it can be an herbal remedy or anything….

best answer gets 10 points and my deepest thanks!

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Answer by Robinstarlyn
I had tattoos lasered off and they gave me a cream called Emla (I might be spelling that wrong). It’s a topical that you put over the area about 30 minutes before your appointment, cover it with plastic wrap and tape it down. Your body heat activates it and the plastic traps the heat. It is a surface number, so it doesn’t eliminate all the pain, but it makes it much more tollerable. It weakens it. Sort of like getting a shot of the dentist. Put that on and take Ibuprofen before you go in. Not only does that reduce pain, it’s also an anti inflamatory so the pain from swelling will be lessened…

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3 Responses to “Numbing for skin?”
  1. versantly says:

    talk to your doctor about EMLA.

  2. Owen'sMommy says:

    Red clover can act as a home remedy for skin problems. It has a high mineral content and reportedly works by changing metabolism and tissue function. Red clover can be taken in teas, compresses, ointments and syrups.

    Other vitamins and herbal home remedies that can treat psoriasis and other skin problems include devil’s claw root, fish oils, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc and milk thistle. Selenium and zinc are common ingredients in over-the-counter skin and dandruff preparations.

    Eczema and psoriasis sufferers also swear by dead sea salt baths. You can purchase dead sea salts at your local bath or health food store and prepare a bath at home containing the salts.

    Speaking of baths, regular bathing can help people with eczema. Make sure to moisturize afterwards while your body is still damp, to seal in the water. Keep the water lukewarm, since that is less drying than hot water. Soak for at least 10 to 20 minutes, and don’t get out until your skin starts to look like a prune. That means your skin is soaking in water and becoming hydrated. Don’t use soap any more than you have to. Use mild soaps with glycerine, or superfatted soaps, on important body parts. When you do dishes or clean house, wear rubber gloves to keep the cleaning products off your skin.

    Another home remedy to stop psoriasis and eczema is to put cotton gloves inside your rubber gloves, to absorb any sweat that the rubber gloves can produce.

    Another home remedy is to use mild laundry detergents and rinse clothing twice to make sure all the soap is out. Some people also find that fabric softeners contribute to their psoriasis and eczema symptoms.

    Your refrigerator can contain many helpful home remedies for eczema and psoriasis. Try mayonnaise as a moisturizer, and cucumber slices to ease itching. Try an oatmeal bath to reduce itching, or add olive oil to your bath water for extra moisturizer.

    Stress can be a big contributor to eczema and psoriasis. One simple home remedy is meditation, using scented candles or whatever else keeps you relaxed. Combine this with your soothing bath for double potency.

    Home remedies will not always put a stop to more severe cases of psoriasis and eczema. In that case, you should see a doctor. You should also see a doctor if eczema is oozing, the itch keeps you awake, or over-the-counter products don’t give you relief.

    Good luck!! 🙂

  3. Ragnor says:

    Cocaine HCL, but thats illegal in the U.S.
    Benzocaine HCL
    Lydacaine HCL

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