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herbal skin remedy
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Question by kinnary r: pores on skin?
hi.i have a very sensitive skin.so i avoid chemicals,creams fully.i prefer some herbal or homemade remedies.i have pimples on my skin.nowadays iam observing dat these pimples r going off leaving a pore or say a kind of hole.
Q)when n why wil this happen.
Q)so wat should i do to prevent this to happen.i got three to four,so assuming this as early stage for bad skin i thought i should start taking care for it.
Q)now what i should do.i want these pores 2go off n leave a plain skin n also get rid for future.
i dont want to use chemicals or creams.so please suggest me something not harsh on skin like home made remedies.
also any diet is suggested for this?
i know i shud have fruits n vegetables but can u tell wat kinds 2have n at wat time of d day.
can u tell first how these pores form.i have pimples on my face n these pimples went off leaving a little hollow kind of hole.do we call this a pore on skin.or else how can we stop this increasing further.y does this pores form.

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Answer by livemoreamply
The cause of you pimples is probably something in your diet. Chocolate, oily foods, foods rich in caffeine or simple sugars will have an effect on your skin. Whenever, your body is having difficulty cleaning out your system, it usually shows up on your skin. Try eating more fruits and vegetables for about six weeks. You can try aloe juice on your skin; that will help with smoothness. However, it won’t address the root causes your pimples.

To address that, and for the long term, recommend you try OPC-3 http://www.marketamerica.com/pulse99/index.cfm?action=shopping.uoProduct&storeID=8&prodID=13007 or the beauty blend http://www.marketamerica.com/pulse99/index.cfm?action=shopping.uoProduct&storeID=8&prodID=13997. Both of these are food supplements, with a very effective delivery system which works at a cellular level to deliver nutrients to the cells of your skin.

And although you don’t like using cremes, you may want to look into using Vitashield, http://www.marketamerica.com/pulse99/index.cfm?action=shopping.uoProduct&storeID=12&prodID=1251. It’s similar to Proactive in strength and quality, but may give you different results. Vitashield is a blend of nutraceuticals that uses advanced liposome technology to deliver the nutrients to the lower layers of skin where it directly exfoliates and moisturizes to affects the look and texture of the skin.

There are two pieces to the Vitashield system, an Intensive Treatment and a Moisturizer. Use the treatment first, then the moisturizer.

Click the links for more detail about each of these products, how the work, features, benefits. If you’re seeing a dermatologist, before you buy the product, you can print out the ingredient list and the descriptions from the website and have your dermatologist review it to determine whether it’ll work for you.

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