Q&A: Can dogs cause acne? ?

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Question by sam: Can dogs cause acne? ?
Ever since my bf got 2 dogs I have had non stop acne. He’s had the dogs for 4 years and I have had this skin condition for all 4 years. It’s not really acne, it’s red cists on my chin and cheeks. I’ve tired every medication, herbal remedy, microderm, and facial known to man. It looks like I have a skin disease. I’m convinced it’s the dogs because I was fine before. He doesn’t think it’s the dogs. I llok at my pics from before and get depressed. I need help please!!

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Answer by Tatrelad
Actually it sounds like you are having a mild allergic reaction to the dogs. Canine allergy is known to result in superficial blisters and smooth bumps that can resemble acne. The Dog allergen, called Can f 1, is most apparent in Dog saliva, and since you’ve lived without any really harmful effects in proximity to these dogs for over 4 years, it’s safe to say that you are not extremely allergic.

Many people who are allergic to dogs, also become allergic to dust. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of the dogs, however, it just requires some precautions. Make sure that you clean the places where in the house where you stay often, and do it thoroughly. Try to avoid getting licked by the dog, or otherwise come into contact with any fluids. Short-term contact should not be particularly harmful, so you can feel free to cuddle the dogs and even sit with them, so long as it isn’t more than a few hours every day.

To relieve the bumps and rashes you’re already exhibiting, you can see a doctor for anti-allergens, he’ll probably prescribe some form of antihistamine, which should ease the allergic symptoms immediately. Until you can get a doctor’s appointment, you can start treating yourself with some gentle homeopathic options. I’m a big advocate of , linked below. In the case of skin symptoms, these are best treated by generously applying cinnamilk to the afflicted surfaces. Give the cinnamilk 3-4 hours to work with, before cleaning it off, and you should start seeing the effects within a two to three days. Remember, however, that cinnamilk kills the symptoms but not the cause. Make an appointment with your doctor when you get the chance.

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