Q&A: Does anyone know any natural remedies for LUPUS and itchy skin.?

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Question by : Does anyone know any natural remedies for LUPUS and itchy skin.?
I am 51 years of age and have taken antihistimines for the body itch for years. I was told that there is no care for this ailment. Right now the only symptoms appearing are skin rashes. The butterfly one, face, checks and above eyebrow. And I have this awful rash on my forearms. It is black and circular in appearance, the circles are small and can become raised. I Apply triamcinolone cream at least once a day to the rashes and it has improved. My bowl movements have changed in the last year and break up very easy in the toliet water. I take fiber for this. Any suggestions? Can you advise of herbal remedies or otherwise that work? I do not have health insurance so I am unable to get any test done by allopathic doctors or reg. doctors. The rashes had got so bad that I went to the emergency room and the doctor informed me that it looked very much like Lupus. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

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Answer by crazyzoomusic
Have you tried an all-organic vegan diet? I was able to get rid of my cancer this way. I understand Lupus is not the same, and is in many instances wore than cancer, but it is a suggestion. When your body isn’t forced to deal with unhlealthy saturated fats, animal fats, etc. it often has more strength to deal with other issues.

I have no experience with Lupus, but I hope you find relief for the itchy skin and other issues soon.

Good luck & God bless.

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  1. rachelsweet11 says:

    Well my mom is also 51 and I went to the doctor with her. Her doctor told us that she had lupus on her feet and ranods on her feet and face. He said there was no actual cure for this. So apply jergens lotion on all areas that itch,burn,are red,and that tighten. Then after smoothend into skin, apply powder on same areas. Alternate with steaming hot wash clothes and ice packs with lotion and powder still on areas. with in a few hours your itching,swelling,redness,and burning shoulf be relieved. Hope this helps. if not call a dermotoligist if its on your face, ifany where else call a lupus specialist.

  2. Linda R says:

    Sounds like discoid lupus, and possible systemic involvement but I am not a doctor and there is not really enough information.

    Lupus, if left untreated, can be fatal. I would find a way to see a doctor.

    There is no cure for lupus, herbal or otherwise. The treatment goals are to minimize symptoms and prevent permanent damage.

    Some lupus lesions can turn into cancer if they are not treated.

    In the short term, use hydrocortisone creams, stay out of the sun, adopt a very healthy diet, and use stress management techniques. Sun and stress are MAJOR contributors to lupus flares.

    The thing about ice, and powder, and Jergen’s lotion is a bunch of huey. The problem with lupus is that the immune system attacks the self. No amount of Jergen’s can change that. Hydrocortisone is actually a topical immunosuppressant. You may need to take pills to do that for you.

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