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Question by ♥ Kelly Renay ♥: Home remedy for hormonal acne?
For the love of god I’m going insane. When I was a teenager my acne wasn’t as bad as it is now. My face, back, shoulders, arms, neck… It’s so annoying and painful. I even had one pop up on my stomach and on my leg. Its ridiculous! It’s only been getting worse as I get older (I’m 23 now). I can’t take it anymore. I read online that usually young women can get this type of acne in their early 20s due to hormonal changes and it can last all the way until their 30’s. I know their is an oral pill could take and a topical cream from a dermatologist but that’s the thing. I don’t have any money right now and won’t for a while to go to a dermatologist and I’m wondering if there’s any kind of over the counter option or something I can use to relieve myself of this even if only a little. I’m not talking about over the counter acne creams or any of that crap. Proactive didn’t even work for me. Is there some kind of vitamin or herbal supplement or something along those lines that could help with this? My skin used to be so nice and it’s getting ruined and I’m starting to get scars. Thanks for anyone who answers!

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Answer by mels211
Are you getting enough zinc, vitamin A and selenium? Those are all important for skin. Take a good multivitamin if you aren’t already (and can afford it). Lots of cruciferous veggies to help balance your hormones and get rid of the toxins. I use retin a cream for my acne and it makes a big difference, so if you can afford that I would talk to your doctor. I don’t recommend going on the pill simply for acne unless it’s really bad. The pill just messes your hormones.

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  1. akd says:

    First, buy a body wash with 4-5% alpha hydroxy acid. AHAs exfoliate the skin and are mild anti-bacterial agents; examples are glycolic acid (the most effective), lactic acid, and citric acid. Alpha Hydrox (www.alphahydrox.com) sells a good one made with 5% lactic acid.

    Second, buy a body lotion containing AHAs and/ or salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid). There are a lot of really good ones. You should start with a lower concentration of AHA to start (Dove Pro Age has 5% AHA, Kiss My Face also sells 4% AHA lotion for a reasonable price, Avon has a good smoothing lotion with lactic acid, although they won’t tell you the percentage). If your skin tolerates it well and/ or the acne doesn’t go away, try upgrading to a higher percentage. Alpha Hydrox also sells a 10% AHA body lotion that I really like. An even cheaper solution would be to mix lemon juice (high in citric acid) into your favorite moisturizer.

    Not only will AHAs defend against the acne, but they exfoliate your skin and will help get rid of your scars.

  2. Elsa . says:

    Ive been having acne for 3 years now & I’ve tried different kinds of Clean & Clear scrubs, two Loreal Go 360 Clean face wash, home remedies….Proactive isnt a really good product because it doesnt work for most people. I started using the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash(its an orange bottle, not the scrub) & it’s working great! I bought it a month ago & I read that after 2 months, the results are obvious. I used to have 25-30 pimples & now, I only have 7..it’s a big thing for me, I cant wait to see the results after 2months! it costs around 7$ at Walmart.
    You’ll need a moisturizer after you wash your face though.
    Good Luck!!! (:

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