Q&A: Horseradish as a home remedy?

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by wallygrom

Question by violettelillyrose81: Horseradish as a home remedy?
I read in an herbal book that it can help varicose veins. I was trying it a few minutes ago as a topical and it was burning the skin a bit. Is there a way I can dilute it without losing the properties of the healing powers it is claimed to have? Also what other properties can it be used for. I wont eat it, not much for that spice, i bearly eat peper. Thanks guys and galls!

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Answer by Winterskye
Ratther than putting it directly on the skin, what about a thin fabric barrier? Maybe it won’t irritate so much then.

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  1. evaninsky says:

    I’m an acupuncturist and certified chinese herbalist. varicose veins are related to a condition we call blood stagnation. Bitter herbs tend to invigorate the blood and break the stagnation. They’re oten used orally for this purpose but I could definitely see you using it topically. I’ve never used horseradish per se, but it certainly makes sense. You can crush or grind the horseradish and mix it into a plaster with some water and just a little flour to make a paste. use this as a plaster. you may want to cover it with a guaze pad and leave on for maybe 30-40 minutes at a time depending on how strong you make the plaster. DON’T USE that horseradish paste they sell in jars at the supermarket, that’s mixed with vinegar and maybe even some sugar. get raw horseradish in the produce section and grind it up yourself.

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