Q&A: How can i get rid of my zits?

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Question by Wars: How can i get rid of my zits?
I am 28 and half of my life I have moderate zits and breakouts. I have tried everything from herbal remedies, tea tree based products to topicals such as benzoyl perozide and sulfur soap but my skin seemed to develop an immune system against these remedies. I am thinking of trying PROACTIVE as endorsed by US celebrities. Does it really work? the price is really costly. Can anyone help me please? First hand experience would really help. Thanks

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Answer by cosmoguy2121
pro active! yaya

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7 Responses to “Q&A: How can i get rid of my zits?”
  1. bagirlof07 says:

    a few of my friends used proactiv and told me it doesnt work. I’m not sure what you could use though.

  2. cookies says:

    If you have already tried benzoyl perozide, then I suggest not to try Proactiv. Benzoyl perozide is the main ingredient in Proactiv, so if that hasn’t worked for you, then Proactiv won’t. Have you seen a dermatologist yet? That would be the best solution rather than wasting time and money on things that hasn’t been working for you. Good luck! I hope you find something that works.

  3. j_d_mac_vieau says:

    Keep your face oil free and go on a 6 week vegetarian diet. No salad dressing on salads.


  4. jewelsnz says:

    break a little aloe Vera plant off, and put this on them , worked well for my son

  5. Margarita says:

    My friend uses Proactive and she swears by it. She’s had really clear skin since starting it. Give it a try. It is a bit of an investment but will be worth it if it works, and you can always stop if it doesn’t. Good luck.

  6. mslindseynicole says:

    i tried proactive.. i have acne and oily, sensitive skin. it just made me red and even more sensitive. but for most it works.

    right now im in circuit of starting accutane. i know its “dangerous” but its been researched by 3 doctors for me and its ok.

    good luck. acne is a pain. literally. im only 17 and i have to say i feel you.

  7. tennis068 says:

    for me to keep my skin clean with no break outs…i wash my face with sulfur soap and instead of washing the soap of with tap water i use mineral water anykind would work…and if i dont have those two things i use estee lauder foaming clenser its only $ 20…

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