Q&A: i need help for acne scars…?

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Question by : i need help for acne scars…?
i hav alwayz had an acne-prone skin but a few months bac i had a massive breakout and it left bad scars.. my college just started after summers and everyone keeps askin wat happnd 2 my face.. i went 2 a doctor n she told me 2 try sumthin herbal or preferably a home made remedy.. my skin iz slight oily but dependz on da weather az well.. i need a healthy remedy 2 get rid of these bad spots off my face.. i hav heard about bio oil but it can clog pores.. so need sumthin dat can actually open da pores and help wid da scars.. thanks!
p.s. can some1 tell me bout tea tree oil if its effective and its pro and cons??

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Answer by Kayla
You should go to a dermatologist 🙂
A regular family doctor wont do for scaring.

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  1. Kelsey says:

    Acne scars are a pain in the butt, but after time things can diminish their appearance. I’d start with keeping your face moisturized with an oil-free, SPF 15+. As for the scarring, I’d use Mederma, a whitening serum, Scar-Zone for Acne, or other OTC treatments.

    Tea Tree oil is an antiseptic. It’s good for healing current acne and keeping bacteria out of open-wounds…but for scarring? I’d say not.

    Go to a dermatologist if possible & figure out a good regimen especially for you.

    Good luck! And stay strong!


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