Q&A: Koreans, what do you use?

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Question by Carebear: Koreans, what do you use?
I wanted to know what facial creams you use. I have noticed that many Korean’s facial skin is very clear and spotless. Can you please recommend any good facial creams for dark spots and dark circles? Any cream that is made of natural ingredients compare to artificial. Do you guys use any herbal remedy for clear/fresh face? Can I get the cream at any local Korean stores in US?

Thank you very much

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Answer by Netta J
Most Koreans I know have just naturally good skin. (This doesn’t help you at all, I’m sorry).

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Koreans, what do you use?”
  1. elk312 says:

    It’s called genetics, Carebear. Sorry.

  2. the robber and 40 Alibabas says:

    that’s natural character of Korean skin, i guess, i didnt see my Korean friends using any kind of cream…you may try to eat ging-seng for 4-5 years, then see the result.

  3. Petey says:

    Koreans are naturally awesome in videogames.

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