Q&A: My kitty is losing her fur on the back of her neck….any thoughts?

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by Steve Guttman NYC

Question by kimberly s: My kitty is losing her fur on the back of her neck….any thoughts?
My 3 mth old kitten has now lost a large patch of fur on the back of her neck. The skin looks raw and a a bit bloody on the edges of the fur that is still there. The skin looks very very dry like dandruff. Any one out there have any ideas or know what this could be? I would like to have a clue before I hand her over to the vet who in this area is know to over charge and over treat. Let me know if there is anything that could do to help her. I would be willing to try a herbal remedy to start with. Thank you in advance for your help!
no flea collar… not sure about fleas. Have not seen any so far.
She is a house cat. My concern is that i have a one year old who is on the floor with the cats all the time. I do not want this to be one of the contagious sicknesses that can get the baby sick. As well as the other cat.
I think i have ruled out home treatments. It looks worse this morning. I m taking her to the vet today. It is not worth it to wait. Thanks everyone for your help.

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Answer by paintedrain2
First thing that comes to mind…..does she have a flea collar on? If so, that would most likely be the source. Remove it immediately.

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  1. Sahara says:

    I wish I could suggest on what to do for her, but it sounds like she might have a skin infection sometimes there skin gets dry and they itch and itch and have furless spots…

    I agree with paintedrain2 if she has a flea collar on take it off we had a cat that we put a Flea collar on and it made her very sick and when we took it off she was fine good luck!

  2. topsecretmoon says:

    I have seen Advantage Flea drops do this.. also you may want to check for fleas period or even ear mites (check to see if there is any debris in the ears)

  3. katiemustang says:

    I think She may have fleas, get a flea collar, call the vet if you think she doesent have fleas, my cat had lost hair under her chin because she was alerchic to food we were feeding our other cats, that or a 10% chance of mange….

  4. vicky l says:

    There could be a lot of things wrong.
    1.) External parasite like mange, or fleas. Go to the store and buy a flea comb, to check. Mange can only be seen under a microscope at your vet’s office.
    2.) Allergy. Did you bathe her recently? Or put anything on the area that may have caused a reaction?
    3.) Eosiniphilic Gramuloma. A condition in cats that causes the hair to fall out, and become very itchy, and raw. You will need to go to the vet, and have them check some skin scrapings, or an impression smear. Shouldn’t cost to much. Usually fixed with a shot of low dose steriods to calm the area down.
    4.) Do not use a flea collar, and prevent her from scratching at the area. Trim her nails to stop further trauma to the skin.

    Do NOT put anything fragrant on the area, that can cause further harm to the skin, especially if there are raw spots. I would refrain from using neosporin at this time, and take her to the vet. I would prob have you start with an exam, and a skin scraping (sounds bad, but doesn’t hurt too much, and it’s over in a minute).

    The other thing that could cause this is a cuterebra, or ring worm. Check to see if there are any swellings, or openings in the skin. Ringworm will look like a large round red circle, and a cuterebra (which is a fly larvae buried in the skin) will have a swelling with a small opening in the middle.

    Either way, I would take her into a vet before trying any home remedies. Some things out there are harmful to cats, so do your research before trying anything. Good luck to you!

  5. Chani says:

    Is she an outdoor kitty? If she is, then it could be caused by some a**hole male trying to mate with her (they bite the back of the neck to keep the female in place). If that’s the case, find the boy(s) who are doing it and kick their asses.

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