Q&A: Skin dryness problem, pls help!?

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Question by D A A: Skin dryness problem, pls help!?
My husband have really bad dryness problem, he says its allergies but i m not exactly sure if its allergies. He has pimples and dry patches on his body and face. Its also really itchy when its active. I think the dryness could relate to eczema but the pimples dont support my thinking. Please help me find the cure for this and any one have an idea about what this is? Please refer natural or herbal remedies for this problem as he has been on atibiotics for a long time for this problem.


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Answer by Ybgfew Tfdsew
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4 Responses to “Q&A: Skin dryness problem, pls help!?”
  1. Madison says:

    I’ve been having this problem too and I don’t know what’s causing it. I sometimes have to take Benadryl at night to be able sleep and not itch.

    So far, Gold Bond Extra Strength Medicated lotion is the only lotion that has stopped the itching. I also stopped using regular soap and body wash. I’ve been using Kirk’s Coco Castile soap (I get at the grocery store for like $ 0.99) I switched to a gentle laundry detergent too. That has helped a lot.

    I still get the itchy rash with pimple like bumps though mainly at night. I probably should see a doctor, but really don’t want to. If it gets worse in the winter, I will. Also, have him try coconut oil or shea butter as a lotion. I haven’t tried it yet but I heard it works. Good luck.

  2. seeker says:

    You can still have pimples/oily skin and eczema.

    Since you guys probably are very familiar with hydrocotisone and other steroid creams as well as immune suppressant meds, I will give you some alternatives.

    One thing your husband can do is try the oil cleansing method to clean his skin. It may seem weird but it helps with both dryness and oiliness. Its a combination of olive oil, jojoba and castor oil used to clean the skin. The only trick is figuring out whats the best ratio of each for your husband’s skin. The castor oil draws out impurities. If his skin is more dry than oily then use more olive oil or jojoba oil.

    Your husband may also need to exfoliate and use a mild cleanser like phisoderm if he finds that he doesnt like the oil cleansing method.
    I’m going to be writing more about this in my blog. http://naturalfactual.blogspot.com but google “oil cleansing method” for more info.

  3. Oli Cohen says:

    Definitley try and use a natural cream as chemical creams might just make the prboem worse. If your husband acne is bad then i definitley advise an aloe vera cream like corium21uk which is sold over the internet.

  4. chachasmit says:

    there are hundreds of homemade cures for eczema.

    for instance, you can have a “bath” with warm water and milk, the warm water will open your skin spoors and the milk containing hundreds of enzymes will penetrate your skin and kill eczema from inside out.

    there is also the homemade cream, mix oatmeal with water and apply over the infected area and leave it for at least 15 min (then you may wash off with water). You can also use raw honey instead of oatmeal.

    As I said there are loads of homemade/natural cures for Eczema, for more homemade treatments for dermatitis skin (eczema) visit http://www.eczemacuretoday.com

    PS: drink plenty of water, water is a natural body and skin moisturiser. By simply drinking 2/3 litres of water a day you will not only prevent eczema but also dehydration.

    just visit http://www.eczemacuretoday.com and find thousands more natural and homemade treatments for eczema

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