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Question by brooke: Questionable…?
hi i’ve been trying to clear my acne for a long time with antibiotics and crap, and just recently my friend told me she went to a hollistic doctor who cured her skin with herbal remedies and stuff
she wants me to make an appointment but i’m iffy about it..
anyone have experience with this/believe in it?

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Answer by kar780
skin a huge aspect of looking good…when i break out im willing to try anything…whats the worst that can happen? its not like they’re using weird chemicals on you…give it a shot!

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3 Responses to “Questionable…?”
  1. *~Josy~* says:

    ill be honest ive never tried it before but i dont really believe in it. try that proactive stuff, i have a friend that tried it and it worked great, her acne is gone. i mean you could make an appt with that, but i wouldnt waste ur money. also you could go to a dermatologist that can give you prescription pills and cream to rid your acne. good luck.

  2. CHH Chicx says:

    im sorry to say i haven’t. BTW , just so you know i use pro active, it’s expensive but works. 😀

    I would call and look into the treatment. Also observe you friends skin for a few months and see how it’s doing. You cant totally get rid of pimples/acne.

  3. princess says:

    nope, but u should go! what do u have to loose? or u could just get a Chinese acme remover i use called Beanne. it’s a miracle worker and removes acme over night and is very cheap. can be found anywhere like Chinatown.

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