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Question by turbo: Questions about my dog?
I am a very concerned mom for my dog. I have spent a lot of money on vet bisits, akin tests an all that, and hopefully someone might have a bit of information for me.
My dog has had a consistent skin rash and the vets are stupid n say I just need to bathe him every couple of days with special soap. I have been doing this for quite some time now and nothing has changed. I don’t know if there is a dog food I should try, or some kind of herbal remedy, but I have tried many things an I hate seeing him itch. His skin tests came back with no results of anything and the vets in the small town I live in aren’t that good and have Ben known for killing animals. I’m kind of doing a last change before I have to drive 2-3 hrs to the next vet. I will do anything for my dog cause he is my baby.
He is an 80 lb pitbull/bulldog mix in case you needed to know.
Please any information books websites magazines about this I would love to know about. Thanx to anyone who inputs.

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Answer by Dodger
Have you tried mixing pure salmon oil in with his food? Fish oil offers many well-documented health benefits to people and their pets, and this 100% pure salmon oil is our most popular fish oil. Salmon oil provides a potent, highly digestible source of essential fatty acids (EFAs) and is loaded with the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, the EFAs most strongly linked to the health benefits of fish oil.

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7 Responses to “Questions about my dog?”
  1. Xtapolapocet says:

    If your pup is your baby, it’s worth a 2-3 hour drive for help.

    Bathing your dog too frequently can exacerbate a skin problem. To assist you in helping your pup, I located this site:

    It has visual representation of possible causes of your pup’s distress. If you find an image that closely identifies the problem your fur baby is having, it also contains the suggestes treatment. Maybe that way you can help direct the bad vet on the right path (since they’re obviously not fit to care for the poor little guy). I wish you and your pup the best!!

  2. Cat. •That's all... says:

    Hi from France ♫

    I had a dog which had the same problem than yours. And to bath him with the special soap worked .. In fact, my dog was stressed. I ‘ removed ‘ his stress and the problem disappeared..
    I deleted the stress by going to exercise much more with him, quiet ambiance etc…

    Have a nice day


  3. MamaBas says:

    I think you need to consider switching his diet. Try to avoid anything with wheat and as it might be best to start an elimination diet, I recommend you put him onto a fish and potato diet, things that he’s unlikely to have eaten before. It’s going to take quite a few weeks before you see any improvement. But once you do, unless you prefer to keep him on that diet, you gradually reintroduce the food element he was having before.

    If you don’t have confidence in your current vet, it will probably be worth the drive to find another one – but I’d be concerned about having to drive 2 – 3 hours, in an emergency situation so it might be best to stick with your current vet, and hope for the best (re been known for killing animals?)

    ps Adding supplements to his existing food probably won’t help – most modern dog food contains all most dogs need these days, although by no means do all brands suit all dogs.

  4. sara sweat says:

    my mastive has a bacteria on him and a stupid vet told me the bath thing go to another vet i went to another vet(my grandma of all ppl) and found the real problem hell be on mediccation prob for the restt of his life but hell be healthy so go to a new vet get a secound opinion

  5. ChiMom says:

    Finding out the culprit is the key. Is the rash all over his body? Is he itching his ears, biting his paws, etc?
    The reason I ask is because I went through months for my dog’s allergies, when he was a year old.
    there are different categories of allergies, and dogs react by scratching/ rashes.
    It could be an ‘inhalant allergy’, which means something he is breathing in–such as dust, mold, pollen. And it would happen year-round.
    It could be seasonal allergies; grass, trees, weeds, outdoor flowers, etc, that mostly happen in Spring/Summer/Fall, depending on the allergen causing the rash.
    OR–it could be food allergies–which is what my little guy has. many, many dogs are allergic to various foods, and the key is to find out what it is. I had to do an ‘elimination diet’ for 8-10 weeks, in which my dog could eat nothing except a dry kibble. His scratching went away–so that showed that his itching was from something I was feeding him. You can google “elimination diet for dogs” for a full explanation.
    Many dogs have an allergy to a ‘protein’, like pork, beef, etc. And they may have amn allergy to a carb–such as corn, wheat, etc.
    By cutting out everything except ONE food, you see if the rash/itching goes away–and it takes 8-10 weeks (if I remember correctly–might be 6-8 weeks).

    The other thing would be something your dog comes into contact with, causing ‘contact dermatitis’–such as detergent used to clean blankets he sleeps on–or rug cleaner (if you use that).
    The main thing is finding the culprit–and there are alot of questions to ask yourself–to rule out what it is ‘not’.
    How long has he been scratching? Since he was a little puppy? is he up on all his vaccines?
    Was he worse during a certain Season?
    Sorry for the long post–but I went through many months and vet visits with my dog–so I am trying to give you some things to check into.
    Good luck.
    Ohh! Did your vet suggest you give benadryl to your dog? Mine is only 10 lbs–and he gets 1/2 of a 25 milligram (pink, oblong tablet) of generic benadryl (cheaper than name brand).

  6. Jay says:

    should like food allergy, get a better vet, and get a allergy test done for him.

  7. Dan H. says:

    Pit Bulls are very susceptible to mange so your dogs’ skin problem could be mange. It is unfortunate that you do not have access to a good vet since a competent vet can do a deep skin scraping to see if mange mites are present.

    Mange is caused by certain species of mites. The three most common types of mange in dogs are demodectic, sarcoptic, and cheyletiella depending on the kind of mite involved. Not all itch or are contagious but all cause scaly or crusty skin and hair loss. Of the three kinds, sarcoptic mange is extremely itchy and highly contagious.

    I recommend that you take a look at the site below as it provides clear and useful information about the different types of mange and symptoms so that you can better determine if the problem is mange and which type of mange you may be dealing with.…

    If the problem is mange, you must treat the dog quickly as this problem only gets worse.

    When my vet diagnosed my dog with mange, I was reluctant to use the prescribed treatments because most have toxic chemicals (like pesticides) that harm your dog in the long run.

    Instead, I began to inform and educate myself. I searched all over, especially the Internet, for information on mange and home or natural treatments to cure it. During the process I ran across several safe and natural treatments for mange that were effective killing the mites.

    To make a long story short, I ended up using an inexpensive natural herbal mange treatment spray that kills the mange mites and saved my dog and I a lot of misery.

    The treatment is simple to apply as you just have to spray it on the affected area(s).

    You can find clear information about mange, symptoms and this treatment at:

    Best of luck!

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