Rediscovering the Benefits of Nature with Herbal Skin Care

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Rediscovering the Benefits of Nature with Herbal Skin Care

Article by R Kalpana

It is just like traveling back in time, back where the ladies in the middle ages take belladonna to make their eyes look dilated and beautiful or the to the ancient Ayurvedic practice back in India where basil, turmeric and saffron were known to enhance the skin. Today, herbal skin care is making a comeback much like those of natural medicinal products that are being patronized by more and more people.

Herbal treatment for the skin is just as effective as our medicine of today and that is why people are drawn to these alternatives because not only does it present less irritation to the skin but is also proven safe and less expensive, as it has been a tradition observed long ago. Generally, the skin benefits from herbs such as kelp, alfalfa and parsley; kelp is known to have iron and iodine, alfalfa is rich of ions such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and sodium which helps boost the immune system; while that of parsley has the antioxidants known as vitamins A, B and C.

Fiber flushes out the toxins in our body that basically causes break outs on the skin. Good sources of these are those of fruits and vegetables; it strains out the toxins on the colon and liver leaving the body and skin healthier than before.

Aloe vera is probably the most famous of all herbs used in skin care as it can be seen on skin cleansers, facial wash, massage creams and even on shampoos; it is used for its moisturizing properties most especially for dry skin and anti-aging effects. Herbal treatment for the skin also includes the anti-bacterial advantage of tea tree oil; it helps in the elimination of acne and manufactured in a variety of skin formulas.

There are also herbs that accommodate different skin types, and these include those of Rosemary, witch hazel, sage, chamomile, calendula, arnica, sage and ginseng. Identifying your type of skin is just as important as choosing the right product for you, because herbal properties too differ and it is best to educate one’s self before going out and trying something new.

Herbal treatment for the skin also found its advantage in basil and mint; basil not only complement that of parmesan in cooking but also on acne-prone skin in which mint juice shares the same benefit. While Turmeric on the other hand, effects a radiance and youthful glow to its users.

Herbal remedies could also be mixed at the comfort of your own homes an example of this would be that of pure saffron ground in with almonds and made into a paste with the help of milk, this in turn could be used as a face mask and together with rosewater to rejuvenate and provide nourishment for the skin. Herbal skin care products that are available in the market today makes use of a variety of ingredient for just a single formula, most of this include complex procedures that people would be advised against copying it all on their own.

Given this information on the gifts of nature, another thing we could do to our skin is to nourish it with proper diet; moisturizers alone cannot cover the signs of aging thus, we should take into account the fact that beauty starts from beneath the skin where it takes more of its nourishment. Water and exercise could also give the benefit of that great skin one could only dream of.

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